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I Need To Concentrate On The Weather Forecast

I noticed in the past year that I seem unable to watch the weather forecast effectively. I watch the forecaster waving their arms around, and the pictures change over the map of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. But if you asked me at the end of the broadcast, what will the weather be like tomorrow – I cannot tell you!!

It’s so bizarre. I have lost my ability to concentrate on the report. I told a friend, and she thinks it a sign that I am saturated with information intake. I have had to do so much training this year, and I also have to listen to scores of patients each day talking. I have to listen and concentrate so much at work, that it seems when I come home, my mind has no room left to digest information.

However….I am compensating for my lack of weather forecast comprehension. I never go anywhere without my umbrella. So far it is working.

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Thundering And Lightning…Very Very Frightening

ligteningFrightening to some…in all honesty not to me. Instead, I feel a rush of excitement…I want to yell out loud, “Come on!”

I do love a good thunder storm…especially if I am inside the cosy warmth of my bed, watching through my window as the sky lights up.  I then count seconds for roaring rumbles of thunder to follow.  Somebody told me when I was a little child, that each second you count is equivalent to a mile.  It tells you how close the lightning is.  I have no idea if that is actually true, but it has moved me to count seconds between lightning and thunder ever since!

After all the warm weather, we had some terrific thunder and lightning shows in London during the past few weeks.

I read an article recently which gave some examples of “natural phenomenon” which are not only inspiring but are not fully understood by humans. Lightning was one of the subjects discussed.

There was a very interesting quote from Compton’s Encyclopedia: “Lightning produces significant chemical changes in the atmosphere. As a stroke moves through the air, it generates tremendous heat that unites nitrogen and oxygen to form nitrates and other compounds. These compounds fall to the Earth with the rain. In this way, the atmosphere is able continually to help replenish the supply of nutrients that soil needs to produce plants.”

I am not frightened by lightning.  I am awe-struck!  Power on a scale that makes all human endeavour look feeble and transitory.  It makes me want to run out into the rain and cry for joy that such a miraculous and spectacular process is taking place right before my eyes!

One of many incredible aspects of the planet I live on that excite me and fill me with wonder.  I think it would be easy for me to write countless posts about the marvels of creation.