The Meltdown

Tiny orbs perfectly frosted

To the last remnants of shadow they cling

Winter is fading away

Their icy empire is vanquished by spring

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


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Thinking Cool Thoughts

It is very warm here in London. I am at work and trying to keep cool. I am drinking one glass after another of water and trying not to run around, but to stay calm and chilled.

And I am imagining that crystal clear water in that cool cascading waterfall gathering into a refreshing plunge pool at it’s base. The appeal of diving into cold water right now seems so delicious.

Just over three hours of work to go. Can’t wait for a cool shower when I reach my little abode.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

This was in response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith:

Squeaky Clean And Ready For Sleep

After a day out in the smog and smoke of London I come home covered with a dusting of filth. I can tell its entangled in my hair, peppered on my clothes and clogging up my pores. All the dirt I have brushed against or absorbed into my skin making me look shabby and dull.

Once I am in my little nest, my haven from the big chokey smoke outside, I turn on the shower or sometimes the bath taps…and soon I submerge myself into cleansing water washing away all the grime.

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

And now that I am glowing and squeaky clean, wrapped up in flannel pyjamas…it is time to say goodnight, and hope wherever you are you have peace.

I need to get myself to sleep, but I am so excited about the thought of being with Goldfinch soon. So I have just warmed some cashew milk and honey and I am hoping it will make me sleepy. Good night and thank you for your wonderful comments.

This was in response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith:

Where We Imagined Ourselves

nye bevanI have mentioned a few times that my sisters and I were competitive swimmers when we were younger. We swam at least three times a week, straight after school (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Every trip to the local swimming pool lasted for several hours. We would swim up and down, up and down, up and down, length after length, mile after mile. The local swimming pool was a 25 metre long pool.

wigan swimming poolWe also swam regularly in Wigan which had an Olympic sized swimming pool. (Sadly that pool was demolished some years ago.)

There was a problem that was the downfall of a competitive swimming career for the three of us. None of us were competitive. We just loved swimming. My parents would never have fostered a competitive spirit in us. But we were all strong and fast swimmers – especially Milly. Well, Milly was faster than all the other swimmers in her age-group. I probably had the most stamina. I never tired out. I have swam for five hours continually and not wanted to stop, except that the staff blew the whistle to say they were closing soon.

We had a strict swimming coach who used to yell at us with instructions to improve our stroke. I remember her shouting at us to go faster and push harder and kick more firmly. We did what she told us, but none of us had any particular taste for winning. For a long time, we kept on winning races. I upset one of the neighbour’s children when I raced against her and ended up beating the rest of the children by about half the length of the pool. All those hours and hours of practice meant we were very swift through the water. She was so upset she told all the other kids in our street that I cheated – I don’t see how I could have cheated without anyone noticing…but it just contributed to my growing dislike to racing.

swimmingOne by one we all told Mum and Dad we did not want to race anymore. We still loved swimming, but competitions were taking the pleasure out of something very special to us. All three of us little ones were total water babies. My favourite memories are our time playing in the water before and after we were under the charge of our scary swimming coach.

We imagined ourselves to be swimming in the sea. We could all hold our breath for a long time and we swam with our eyes wide open in the chlorinated water. We sometimes pretended we were fish and just wriggled our bodies through the water the way fish move through briny oceans.

Image by joakant from Pixabay


We used to swim along the bottom of the pool normally at the deeper end of the pool pretending to be mermaids. We often played a game with either a coin, a hair bobble or one of locker keys. One of us would drop it on on the floor of the pool and the other two would comb the entire pool in search for the object as if we were diving for treasure.

paradise 1We sometimes used to pretend there was a shark that we had to escape from, or we used to try to jump up out of the water pretending we were dolphins. We danced in the water like synchronised swimmers and we performed all sorts of somersaults and twirls in the water. To us the water was our playground, and we felt totally relaxed within it. We imagined all sorts of watery games that entertained us for hours. I don’t know what the life-guards thought of us three girls.

Even today, I often wish the swimming pool was empty so I could play like I did as a child, diving and dancing to my heart’s content. But instead I have to swim like an adult…up and down, up and down.


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Not A Single Doubt

I have no doubt that all the harm and all the hurt can be washed away

That tired bones can become energised and want to run again

That any kind of scar can heal and all sorts of trauma fade

That bad memories can vanish and take away the pain


I have never doubted at all that when you see the sorry state of humankind

You long to reach out and sooth our hearts and wipe away our tears

Refresh and rejuvenate our souls and help us to grow strong

Fill our hearts with so much joy we forget all of our fears

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


This was in response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith:

It Was Not My Eyes Leaking This Time

My mad moment of the week, which somehow I forgot to mention before now.

I was at work last week – either Thursday or Friday – it must have been Friday. It was probably some time around four o’clock in the afternoon because I had done all the work there was to do and I was waiting for clients to call in.

I heard a strange creaking noise above me. It seemed to be the ceiling. It is quite a high ceiling. The building is old…I don’t know how old, I am guessing Victorian. We occupy the ground floor and the enormous basement below – which I think would make an amazing night club. Not that I would want to work in a night club – not my scene – been there, done that. One of my uncles owned a night club out in Tenerife or Ibiza –  can’t remember which, I will ask my Dadda when I see him next week. I think it was Tenerife.

Anyway…back to work…

….so it started with the ceiling creaking, and then a while later I heard a soft thud several times in a row.

It was water, drips were landing on my scarf which I had draped over a chair. I looked up and realized water was drip drip dripping from the ceiling and it was coming through one of the light fittings.

I immediately called my manager and then the owner of the company. My manager advised me which business operated above us. I had to lock up our entrance and wander along to their reception area which is further down the road (it is a very big building that houses several businesses).

I walked into the reception of this other business which is on the ground floor, below a stairwell that leads up to the rooms and offices above. I told them where I worked and explained that water was coming through our ceiling and that they were above us.

The female receptionist looked startled. The male receptionist looked alarmed and bolted up the stairs. I told the female receptionist that I was going to head back to our premises and asked if someone could come and see for themselves what was happening in our office.

About fifteen minutes later, the male receptionist came to see what was happening. He said that so far they had not been able to identify the source of the water but they were going to ask their handyman to get on the case. He looked up at the water dripping from our ceiling. I asked him if it was dangerous.

He said: “No, I am pretty sure the ceiling won’t cave in.”

To which I gave him a “not impressed” look, and said said that it was actually the water coming through an electric fitting situation that I was concerned about.

Well, he went back to his business. I asked if they could keep me updated as I needed to report back to my manager, and said if I had not heard them before we closed, I would come back to see them when I locked up our premises. I decided to move anything important out of the office and into another room we use which had some storage space free.

Nobody came back. I emptied the bucket and placed it back under the dripping water. One of the men who work for the company I am employed by said he was going to be nipping in later that evening and I had asked him to check on the dripping water and make sure the bucket didn’t overflow.

I went back to the reception of the business that occupy most of the floor above us. Nobody was at reception but there was a bell to ring. I rang it and waited for a couple of minutes before ringing the bell again. A man appeared at the top of the stairs and told me to take a seat and that someone would come as soon as they were available. I had places to be, people to see, I quickly retorted, “I can’t wait, I need to go, all I need to know is has the water leak been sorted out?”

Then the male receptionist popped his head round the corner and claimed that it had been sorted out.

I told them that water was still dripping through the ceiling. The gentleman at the top of the stairs said I didn’t need to worry. “It’s historical now.”

I asked him what that meant.

“The water leak is historical. It’s over. We have sorted it out.”

I asked him plainly, “so I can tell my manager that despite the water still dripping through the ceiling, you have sorted it out?”

“Yes” he said confidently.

“Thank you, I will let her know.” I turned around and walked out of their reception area muttering under my breath, “Historical? More like hysterical! Thanks for being so helpful!”

Anyway…the good news is the ceiling has not caved in. But it’s up to management to deal with the whole situation now.

I am too much of a softie to deal with men trying to fob me off with nonsense.



The Feathered Friend Who Upset This Water Baby

Here I am chilling out with a scrummy breakfast and catching up on the last episode of “Poldark” which somehow I missed…don’t worry I won’t say a word about what happened just in case you are planning to watch it at some point.

The photo prompt from Meet The Bloggers just popped up on my screen and I thought I would take a closer look at the photo.

Share photos or stories of how you chill out

There is no doubt that for me water definitely helps me to chill out.  I am a total water baby!  My sisters and I were competition swimmers…but for the most part now swimming helps me to relax.  I had a taste of scuba diving in Turkey – extraordinary!  I would love to have the opportunity to try that again…and again and again!

I love boats.  Any kind of boat really.  Some of my friends own narrow boats which they keep moored on nearby canals.  Many a blissfully peaceful afternoon has been spent on the canal.  Other friends have sailing boats which which we have used on holidays up in the Lake District.  Or I love just hiring a rowing boat with a friend and relaxing in the middle of a lake.

Dream of a life-time: building a boat with my husband (who as of yet is an enigma and does not know I exist) and then sailing around the whole world as slowly as possible so we can get to know everyone along the way.

When I zoomed in on the middle of the photo I spotted a pelican…which sent my mind down this direction:

At the moment circumstances do not allow me to build a boat…but I still make sure I spend plenty of time near water and boats.  One of my top films of all time is “Finding Nemo” (I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but how could I resist giving it another mention with a photo prompt like this?)

Apparently, an oyster catcher is sitting on top of the boat in the photo above.  But when I first looked at it I thought it was a seagull.  Which again brought me back to “Finding Nemo“.

Seagulls are one of the few animals that I am not on the friendliest terms with.  I always found them a bit intimidating on trips to the seaside…but after we were mugged in Llandudno (in North Wales) by a gang of seagulls – they are really in my bad books.

Alright, maybe “mugged” is a bit of an exaggeration.  But they were flying into us and trying to seize our sandwiches out of hands while we were eating lunch.  We have a video of a seagull who glided in and snatched a chicken drumstick out of the hand of a friend of ours and flew down to the wooden boards of the pier and tucked into it, just a few feet away from where we were sitting.

Ha – feathered friend indeed!  More like feathered foe!  So yes…I feel totally chillaxed when I am near water…until any seagulls appear that is!

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