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Jack And Me On Holiday

Earlier this year, Jack was talking about the two of us taking a holiday abroad. 2020 had other plans for us! But it turns out that location is irrelevant.

When two people who are best friends and ideal for each other take a holiday during a rainy grey October – the sun is always shining for them!

Out Of Office Again

You probably already know this….but holidays are the best!!! When you have been working for the NHS through a crazy year, a holiday is even better!

Jack is a wonderful man! Did I ever tell you that before?!!!! I am sorry if I am a but remiss about replying to comments at the moment. It feels good to be out of the office again!

I Give Up!!!

too muchIt’s been a very busy week so far…and I am finding I have not had chance to concentrate on some of the posts in my drafts folder I wanted to finish off before my travels.

This post is just to explain that I have started a number of posts which are nominations from other lovely bloggers for awards and challenges. I love these posts, but as you all know, they do take a while. I want to do them justice as it were. So I have decided I just can’t do them before I go away to Australia.

They are going to have to sit safely in my drafts folder until I am back. Then I shall make sure I spend some quality time on them.

happyVery soon I will be heading far far away! 10,100 miles away! The opposite side of the planet! The land down under! Australia! You may already be fed up with hearing this over and over. Don’t worry, I will leave it there for now.

I have scheduled a post for every day before I travel…and then I am re-publishing most of my Goldfinch posts. So if you have seen them before, you can skip them, or if you are curious, they tell the story of the lovely year I had last year with Goldfinch.

Isn’t it exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe I am going! Six months after Goldfinch left England, I am on my way to Australia! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your wonderful comments and well-wishes. It is so heart-warming.

Caramel’s Summer Vacation

I left school twenty years ago!!! But still I am looking forward very much to my summer vacation this year! You know why!!! Australia – here I come!!!

The count down is on! The suitcases are packed. I need to go and pick up some Australian dollars. But that is all I need to do now. I bought the lingerie already!! 😉

The only thing I am worried about now is waking up at four co’clock in the morning so that I can be at Heathrow on time for my flight! If anything goes wrong that morning and I miss my flight…that will just be the start of a major Caramel meltdown!

missed flight


This was my post in response to the prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore: