I’ve Become A Nervous Traveller

In an effort to be super-organised, I prepared my posts for this week in advance. When I looked at it, I realized, everything has changed over the weekend. So my plans were all changed on Saturday. I will not be seeing my family at all this week. That is because I live in London. We are in Tier 4. So it would be very wrong of me to travel up to the North of Wales or England. So I will be here – probably catching up reading and cleaning my little nest thoroughly.

Anyway…here is the post I originally scheduled for today!

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I am hoping for a smooth journey, but secretly anxious, What if it all goes wrong? What if it is a travel disaster? It’s been such an odd year, what if the rail networks cannot cope with the influx of travellers?

On Thursday I will be taking my suitcase to work and after working most of the day, I will head to the railway station for a three hour journey ahead of me. The following morning we will drive into Snowdonia.

I have made this journey countless times, but this year I feel nervous, much more nervous than ever before.

I am going to take a book to read on the train. I have some books written by bloggers that I want to start reading so that I can add them to CARAMEL’S CORNER Book Reviews. It will be a great opportunity to read.

In the past, the train journey would have been horrendous – crammed in like sardines, people sitting on the floor near the doors to train if there was space to do so. I believe this year will be different. I am told we will be on socially distanced trains. I hope so. I really hope so. Otherwise I am going to be super scared about seeing my parents.

£11 For An Entire Carriage

I mentioned in another post that when we travelled up north recently, we paid £11 for each ticket. Normally I am thankful just to be able to have a seat. Many a time I have been on that train and it has been packed….every seat taken and people standing up all along the central aisle as well as in the open space near the doors.

But for £11 each, we ended up with an entire carriage to ourselves!



It was kind of bizarre. However, all my anxieties over travel were allayed when I realized we were being well looked after at Euston and on our own for the entire journey. If it wasn’t for the bizarre station staff at the end destination I would have been a very happy bunny.