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Horror In The Supermarket

Crisis, Toilet Paper, Corona

Have I become unduly complacent? After all these months of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, how was I caught out? I went down to the supermarket on Sunday only to find the toilet roll aisle empty again! The strange HORROR of 2020 continues!


This was my response to the HORROR 42-word writing prompt hosted by Deb Whittam, the creator of Twenty Four:


Spot The Difference

So Jack has come back to England wondering what on earth is going on. He can’t find toilet rolls or eggs. I didn’t know there was a rush on eggs, but apparently there were no eggs at all when he went to Tesco. Well, as it happened, I did not have any eggs. I don’t often eat them. But I had managed to find some toilet rolls at last and I had made the mistake of putting them on display in my bathroom.

He raided my stash! Not to mention, he left the toilet seat up (but that is another subject entirely!) So…Jack reckons he now has plenty of toilet rolls to cover him for the next week or so before he goes abroad again.

There I was feeling glad I had managed to stock up and Jack has sent me back to feeling anxious incase I run out completely!!! I did buy a packet of baby wipes the other day just in case this toilet paper crises continues for much longer.

I must love Jack to let him leave my flat with most of my toilet rolls! The cheeky monkey!!!