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River Deep Mountain High

I have a little story for you…confessions of the pen (or electric device) are always a risk.

This is going to have to stay between you an me though alright…no blabbing about this one!  I am trusting you!

There is a video of me out there (my brother-in-law’s mother has it) that I am very worried about.

I am wearing a Tina Turner dress – just like the one she is wearing in this photo…I have a Tina Turner wig on…and I am up on the stage belting out “River Deep Mountain High” at the top of my voice – with an audience cheering me on.

There had been quite a cacophany of performances that night…I mean ouch!!!  Then, while I was sitting patiently waiting for my turn, I suddenly realized I could not give any half-hearted lack-lustre performance…I was going to have to summon all my courage for my moment in the limelight.

The crowd really goes wild when I start trying to do the Tuna Turner strut…and I was shimmy-ing and shaking (not in a sensual manner…more like someone with red ants in their pants) so that all the fringes on that dress were flying around.  I caused quite a stir and yes…I did win that particular contest on the night.  However, the video footage of moi performing without inhibitions (no alcohol was involved, this is just me in front of a microphone on a stage!) makes me feel anything but a winner.  I have been trying to get hold of that video to dispose of it for years, but short of breaking into my brother-in-law’s parents home one night, I don’t know how I am ever going to convince them that it would be in everyone’s best interests for that video to vanish permanently!

Why am I telling you all this?…

…because I have been nominated for….

The Three Day Lyrical Challenge

…by none other than talesfromthemindofkristian  talesfromthemindofkristian  who has already established himself as a man of superb musical taste as you can see from his post below:


The Rules:

1 Thank the person who nominated you.
2 Share one of your favourite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
3 Nominate three other bloggers each day. 

So this challenge is going to be great fun…I am not sure what my next two songs are going to be quite yet…but I am working on it…I am not just going to pick my favourites, I am going to give you songs with a little story attached!

When I was a little girl
I had a rag doll
Only doll I’ve ever owned
Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll
But only now my love has grown

And it gets stronger, in every way
And it gets deeper, let me say
And it gets higher, day by day

And do I love you my oh my
Yeh river deep mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

When you were a young boy
Did you have a puppy
That always followed you around
Well I’m gonna be as faithful as that puppy
No I’ll never let you down

Cause it grows stronger, like a river flows
And it gets bigger baby, and heaven knows
And it gets sweeter baby, as it grows

And do I love you my oh my
Yeh River Deep, Mountain High
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

I love you baby like a flower loves the spring
And I love you baby just like Tina loves to sing
And I love you baby like a school boy loves his pet
And I love you baby, river deep mountain high

Oh yeah you’ve gotta believe me
River Deep, Mountain High
Do I love you my oh my, oh baby
River Deep, Mountain High
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby


And….my nomination for this challenge…is:

The Newbury Short Story Teller

who has already established himself as a man having distinguished musical tastes…