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You Caught My Eye

Of all the stars in all the sky

You are the one that caught my eye

No matter how bright others shine

You’re the one I want to be mine


Photo credit: NASA and JPL

It is late on Sunday night and I should be in bed, but logging into WordPress I find tantalizing writing prompts that are going to keep me away from sweet sleep for a few minutes while I try to produce a post that will not be too much of a disappointment.

I have been away for the weekend visiting Goldfinch and I have some photos and things to share with you…but after I have had a good sleep!  But on the whole, it was a weekend of leisure and pleasure.

My appreciation for the value of sleep is tearing me away from my laptop…but may I promise you I have been working on posts that I have been dreading for some time…posts about Caramel the events that bamboozled her and led to her being crushed.

Goldfinch gave me his very frank opinion of my ex-flatmate this evening.  My head is still reeling a little.  But when I was walking through the restaurant in search of the ladies to go and wipe my tear- stained eyes, I heard this song playing from the speakers.  I thought it was a lovely thought to end my weekend on.

Goodnight for now…




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