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Poets On WordPress

I have been buying books that other WordPress users have published during the past couple of years (I have been using WordPress for two years) and recently I started to develop a taste for perusing poetry collections.

These are some of the poetry books I have bought from Amazon, all published by users of WordPress (yes, I know I chose to sneak my own in their with them):


I know there are lots of WordPress users who write great poetry. Have you thought about publishing a collection of your poems? It is immensely satisfying to hold your own poetry book…I am sure these poets would tell you the same.

Have you already published a poetry book? Are you advertising it regularly? (Maybe once a month or so, don’t advertise it everyday or you will be kind of annoying.) If I have missed the fact that you have a poetry collection available to buy, could you mention it in the comments below this post please? I love supporting other writers.

By the way…I have more posts coming about the novels and non-fiction books from WordPress users I have already bought, so in this post, I am asking to hear from WordPress users who have published their poetry.