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Party’s Over Senorita

Kristian, the creator of Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table, has tagged me to take part in The TELL THE STORY Challenge. As far as I understand I am able to think up any fictional story in response to the photo prompt that Kristian has sent me. Have a look at Kristian’s post below to see her own story:


Party’s Over Senorita


Holidays with a bunch of friends are always fun, but my summer holiday last year was one of the best I have had. We went to Mexico!!

Our friend Janet had just become engaged to be married. We wanted to spoil her so much. Janet has always been a bit on the quiet side and we were determined to drag her into the party spirit. But Janet evaded our efforts by calling her fiancé every evening after dinner so she could tell him about all the sites we had seen during the day. Oh those in love – so blinkered to the rest of the world!

So that left Lauren and her fourteen year old daughter Rachael, and Joanne and her eleven year old son Toby. We had to make sure that every venue we went to was suitable for children, but we still found some fantastic places to have a dance, compete in team quizzes, and Lauren was even called up onto the stage by a ventriloquist to take part in his act.

But the last night of the holiday, we did not have time to go out anywhere. Our bus to the airport was due to arrive at the hotel at 10pm. So we just chose to have dinner within the hotel and then lollop in the lounge area with a suitcases nearby.

All of a sudden we heard a man’s voice announcing the start of a karaoke contest to be held in the stage near the swimming pool area that evening. Then came a few beats of a familiar tune, made famous by the British band Right Said Fred. You may recognize the song:

We looked out over the balcony towards the pool area and viewed the hotel manager on stage. His dire droning was almost disturbing to listen to, but in another sense, I wanted to cheer him for his bravery. However, there were only a few people sitting at tables around the pool and they looked as if they were dismayed at his singing and were going to leave.

Joanne whispered to me, “This is your fault!”

She was right. The hotel manager had joined us for a drink one evening and he had asked what we thought of the entertainment the hotel provided. My reply was “diabolical”. I explained that it was not suitable for families with children, and there was nothing that encouraged the holiday makers to join in the fun. I had made a few suggestions that I was convinced British holiday makers would enjoy and I told him that karaoke would probably be the best option. So he had taken my word and advertised a karaoke contest.

Some of the waiters approached us and asked us to go and support the karaoke. Lauren and Joanne said I was obligated to, since this was my suggestion. Two of the waiters even grabbed my hands and started to pull me towards the staircase that led down to the pool area.

Once the microphone was in my hand, all my reservations and reluctance, all my insecurities and inhibitions – they all melted away. I was loving every moment! There is something about a karaoke microphone that makes all my worries fade far from my mind.

I started the night with my favourite karaoke song:

As every karaoke enthusiast will confirm, it’s not the quality of your voice that matters when you take the microphone into your hands – it is the enjoyment level that matters. How much are you enjoying yourself? Are your audience enjoying watching you?

That was the perfect way to end our dream summer holiday in Mexico. The entire pool area packed with crowds of holiday makers all cheering me on, as I warbled and shrieked for the rest of the evening. After I had finished one song they would erupt into celebrations, and then start stamping their feet and chanting: “More, more, more, more.”

How could I fail to oblige their requests? I sang and sang until my voice was quite hoarse, but I was still enjoying myself, swinging my hips and waving my arms and getting the crowds to join in for each chorus. They forgave all of my off-tune moments and rejoiced when I tried to hold my breath long enough to match the note in the song.

It all ended when my friends started waving urgently from the balcony, and the hotel manager yelled to me that the bus to the airport had arrived. The crowds moaned as I made my way off the stage and ran towards the stairs up to the balcony and foyer area.

“Party’s over Senorita!” the hotel manager called out into the microphone, “please come back next summer!”


Now I believe I am supposed to supply a photograph and tag three bloggers to write a story based on the picture???

Well, here is the photo:


Who should I tag??? Oooooooh decisions, decisions!!! This is the part so many of us find hard.

There are so many great story-tellers out there, so I am going to tag three bloggers, but if anyone else wants to tell a story, please feel free to do so 🙂

rugby843 – The Bag Lady

Tales from the mind of Kristian

Three wonderful bloggers who I am tagging for The TELL THE STORY Challenge!

Martin Makes Me Laugh!

Well…it is Tuesday Newsday again! I had to spend some time in hospital yesterday – which effected my plans for yesterday. But nevermind – it was a case of needs must! I am alright…I am sore inside. It’s the same old problem…brain playing up and wreaking havoc on other parts of me that depend on it. I cannot tell you how frustrating a situation it is – except I am refusing to let the frustration get to me. Instead I am live live living!!!

I was unable to spend time working on any of the posts in my drafts folder, so I thought instead I would share with you one of the funniest stories I have read from another blogger this month. I absolutely loved it! You can probably tell because I have clogged up Martin’s comments section.

The Newbury Short Story Teller

Martin, the creator of the site above has some fantastic stories on his site, but his recent post is one of my favourites so far.

I used to live near Newbury…I will include a few pictures of the countryside down below.

Please take a look at his post, because it is a very funny story, a much better post than anything I could have come up with today for you!:



Here are a few Newbury pictures for you:


What else is Newbury and the surrounding countryside famous for?

The Great British Bake Off tent…

….is erected on the grounds of a property near to Newbury – Welford House.

It is worth a visit each year to see the beautiful snowdrops!

Highclere Castle, which for most Newbury folk was famous as the home of Lord Carnarvon – as in the chap who was with Howard Carter when none other than the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered.

But nowadays more recognize Highclere Castle as Downton Abbey!

Either way, it is a very beautiful estate. I used to often walk dogs through the estate and nearby Penwood.

Then there is Newbury Racecourse, which admittedly held no interest to me. But I did enjoy seeing beautiful horses throughout the local countryside, especially up at Lambourne and near Kings Clere.

You might bump into Andrew Lloyd-Webber or Princess Kate’s (nee Middleton) parents on a visit to Newbury amongst other folk who reside in the heart of the Southern English countryside.