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Waiting For The Results

I spend one hour a week waiting – slightly anxiously. If you recognise the items in the picture below, you will have already guessed what it is I am waiting for.

Twice a week, patient facing NHS staff, care providers and other health workers take what many know as a Lateral Flow Test or a Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test to detect if we might be carrying …you know. If we test positive, we would be sent for a different kind of test that is more accurate.

So far my results have been negative, negative, negative. Looking at this picture you might be unsure because it looks as if the red line is between the C and the T, but if the camera was directly over the test cartridge you would see that it is on C – which means negative.

This is the new routine. I have not had any symptoms of the virus. But whether or not we have symptoms (as we know there are a lot of people who have the virus and have no symptoms) we still test and then we report the results on the government website. We are getting used to the new routine.

We have all had to do things we have never done before, we have all had to make small adjustments and major changes. We have all made sacrifices. We have all felt a little nervous. It is strange for us. Having a swab stuck up both of your nostrils twice a week and waiting for the results is not something I relish. But it is important. So is wearing that face mask, washing those hands and staying at home (unless you are taking your local daily exercise, picking up essential shopping or you cannot work from home – key workers certainly cannot!)

I think it’s obvious that many are feeling weary of the pandemic – but I promise you – any weariness you may be feeling is nothing compared to the way NHS staff feel after a shift of more than twelve hours on their feet and donned in full PPE, seeing people suffering agony.

So please….please stick at it. Stick to the rules. Don’t look for loopholes or look at other people who are breaking or bending the rules. Please just stay home and stay safe.

Another Magical Moment

reuaigfhlasThe absolute highlight of today, was when the tannoy system began to blast out Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best”. Everyone had to stop work and look at each other. It was another magical moment.

These magical moments, during what has been an incredibly intense time at work, have been fabulous when they have come along by surprise. Who on earth decided to play that on the tannoy? It was so random! But so phenomenal!!!

Was it one of our patients? Was it one of our managers? Was it the Health Secretary or the Prime Minister? Could it have been HRH The Queen? Maybe we will never know?


To My Darling Puppy Eyes

white and brown cockerspaniel

I know you are getting tired

And that you’re feeling rather wired

You want to be out in the sun

Running around and having fun

Racing along, tearing round bends

Playing with all of your best friends

But we are trying to stay inside

Away from a killer we hide

Puppy eyes – hard to refuse you!

Stay close, I don’t want to lose you



I’m On My Way

I must admit I am enjoying my walk to and from work. With the nice weather, I am walking along wearing my sunglasses, sipping my home made coffee from my papyrus reusable coffee cup and swinging my little lunch tote. I still sing. Every morning I sing on the way to work to fortify my heart for the day ahead.

Adult, Back View, Beautiful, Coffee

I am on my way to work…off to face the dragon that is the …you know. But so far, I am going strong. Another day, another dollar. But more than than…I feel part of a team. We are all in this together, each of us doing our bit.

Admitted To Intensive Care

jgpodsopjNow the BBC news are saying the Prime Minister has been admitted to Intensive Care. That sounds rather concerning. It doesn’t sound like just precautionary testing anymore.

I know I keep mentioning that I am politically neutral. But I am human, and so is he. I am sure he, like others, will receive excellent care. I do hope he is going to be ok. I know so many who have suffered due to the …you know… but it is all becoming so dramatic, with even the Prime Minister clearly being severely affected by it.

From one day to the next, there has been so much drama over the past few weeks. I have heard people say it feels like a movie. I am not sure even Hollywood could make up a plot like this.

This is a very real situation – and we are all in this together.

Shelter From The Storm

Outside a storm is raging. Fierce cold winds howl all around. Bitter ice blasts tear across the land.

Winter, Snow, House, Landscape

But inside is a warm glow. A joyful fire burns within. We are safe, we are well fed, we are at rest. We hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. We keep stirring the embers and snuggling up close. As dark descends we drift off into sweet sleep sure morning will come soon enough.




Downing Street Dilemma

Britain, British, Number, Ten, DowningI just noticed on the BBC News that the UK Prime Minister has been admitted to hospital for tests. They are trying to make sure we understand this is not an emergency, but he is being tested after showing symptoms of …you know… for ten days. They say it is a precautionary step.

I have mentioned before that I am strictly politically neutral. But I do obey laws and pay my taxes. To me the Prime Minister is another human with his own opinions and ideas, who is now in a position of responsibility – I do not envy his role at all.

Anyway…I hope he is going to be alright. He has been working despite being ill. I think he should be allowed to rest up and let his body fight fight fight.

I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before

Thames, London, River, Uk, CityI have lived in my little nest for over three years. It still doesn’t feel like home though. I miss my former home. My heart is up in Hampstead/Highgate/Muswell Hill (home for five years). But…I will have to wait and see what happens with Jack before I quit my current little abode.

Fandango, the creator of This, That, and The Other, has asked us to share some pics of the street where we live (as most of us are confined to barracks at the moment). I thought this was a great idea. You can see other bloggers who are taking part in Fandango’s post below:


I have to admit, I am so security conscious, I don’t feel I can. I live in a very iconic part of London, an area that tourists flock to. I am super-scared of strangers instantly recognising that they have walked down my street before. But I wanted to offer something of the paths I often walk.

So instead, I am going to post some photos I took during one of my walks. When I have an afternoon free, I often walk along the Thames and then, after crossing the river, I head up to my favourite spot in London (Queen Mary’s Garden). So this little montage has photos taken from the South Bank of the river and a couple from the beautiful park that I am missing very much. I hope to be able to visit before summer is over to see the roses there.