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Not A Social Drinker Anymore

Springtime, Spring, Flowers, Rose, Rosé Wine, WineMy Dad always used to say, “You should never drink alone”. He had a member of his family who was addicted to alcohol.

In all the years we were at home, there was no alcohol stored in our house. Dad was not against us having any alcohol at all. But he recommended that we buy a bottle and share it between us. He wasn’t keen on drinking it at all, but Mum and my sisters and I would share a bottle of wine – and then it was gone. There was no store of wine of any other alcohol.

Some of my friends think that was odd. I just accepted it as Dad trying to teach us moderation. Some of my friends actually have a similar approach as my Dad. They don’t usually buy alcohol to store at home. They would only ever have a drink when out with friends or family having a meal in a restaurant.

ccccccccchbvchbjBut of course pubs and restaurants are all closed at the moment. I was telling a friend of mine that I have started to buy a bottle of rose (which I dilute with lemonade) as a summer aperitif. It’s kind of odd…getting into the habit of having a tipple all on my own.

The one drink I would usually be offered at parties at this time of year would be Pimms. It is such an iconic flavour of summer (and it has been feeling like summer lately.)

Aaaaah sigh! I always used to be a moderate social drinker, or sometimes I would just have a diet coke. Now I find myself wanting to buy a bottle or something so I can have a tipple at the weekend and let my hair down.