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Soup-er Special

I had some time to myself on Tuesday afternoon to finish my ironing, have a basic clean around the nest (it was fairly neat and clean, but I made it immaculate) and to make myself a batch of lovely soup.

Next to ironing, making soup is probably the most therapeutic and satisfying of all my household tasks. I enjoy it because I can pack in so many vegetables and it will be so easy to heat up when I am too tired to cook.

Soup is a wondrous thing…and making soup is a special way to spend an hour on a Tuesday afternoon before the final of MasterChef Australia.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

It’s Started Already

Last year, Jack and I went a little soup crazy. I made a different soup every weekend and we ate way too much bread along with our soup. So then in February, we decided that too much bread was not a good thing. So we stopped the soup and bread habits.

But this past weekend, we gave up our soup pact. I made soup, and together we ate an entire ciabatta. No self-control at all!!!

Oh how are we going to get through autumn and winter without consuming vast quantities of soup and bread? Hmm.

Goldfinch Wants, Goldfinch Gets – No Complaints Allowed

Goldfinch has had an issue at work.

They have a staff canteen where he is based and he went through a stage where at lunch time he fancied the soup of the day offer, which was something like £1.50 for a bowl of soup and a bread roll.

On that section of the canteen you serve yourself and fill your own bowl.  Well Goldfinch, being a six foot one inch fine and handsome specimen of a man, filled his bowl right to the brim.

Well…the canteen staff noticed he was filling his bowl right to the brim and took umbridge at this. They complained about him.

When I heard I was outraged.  I would have happily marched up to his work premises and gone to pay a visit to the canteen staff and told them to make sure that my Goldfinch gets exactly what he wants.

I have no greater pleasure than cooking and baking for my gorgeous Goldfinch…and I jolly well make sure his bowl or plate or glass are always filled to the brim (with seconds waiting to go if he desires them).

Canteen ladies…how dare they complain about Goldfinch?  The rotters!  Feed my Goldfinch, he needs lots of energy to come and visit me in London.