This Is Heartbreak Radio 104.6 FM

I can’t cope with the radio.  I don’t listen to it at home usually.  Years ago when I worked for a record company I found my head never stopped buzzing with lyrics of popular songs and I needed to switch music off to be able to think clearly.

I do love music, especially going to live music events, but I tend to listen to music with friends rather than on my own, because when I am alone it can have a big effect on me.

Well today at work, my workmates wanted to have the radio on, and I kid you not, the playlist was just about the worst combination of songs to hear when I am so heart broken about Goldfinch.  I kept on having to hide my tears.  It was as if someone knew what I was carrying in my head and heart and they just thought “let’s play all the songs that are going to push her buttons and make her cry“.

As soon as my work mates left…it was radio off!!

The first song was especially poignant because it was the song Jack and I shared:

But all the other songs just made me think of what is happening with Goldfinch.








Splish Splash – So Hard To Choose

splish splash7

This is the last Wednesday when I will share with you one of my shower songs and to be honest I have struggled to pick one song…because there are so many I wanted to share!!!

So because I could not choose just one…and I don’t think I want to be providing shower songs for the rest of the year, I thought I would end the series with a medley of songs, all of which I love singing in the shower for various reasons!

And on that note…I am going to say goodbye to Shower Songs every Wednesday. I am back in London and busy preparing posts about Australia. So no more songs Shower Songs until next time I have a holiday 🙂


Splish Splash – The Only Boy Who Could Ever Reach Me

splish splash6

Yet another Shower Song Day – next week will be the last because I will be back with lots of photos from Australia and tales of my travels to share with you.

Singing in the shower is sometimes just about a song that you want to belt out with no fear how you sound. There are a number of songs that call for a bit of volume. The shower is the perfect place to indulge.

Here is one of my favourites for singing at the very top of my voice.

Son Of A Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield

Splish Splash – Dark Black

splish splash4

Shower Songs are all about songs I might not want to sing in public for one reason or another. Some times it’s because the song is so cheesy, sometimes it’s because its the kind of pop music that makes people cringe, or it could be because the version I am singing has different lyrics than the original version.

But the song I am featuring today I sing in the shower because if I sing it around my family or friends they think I am depressed. I sometimes feel as if my nearest and dearest have been waiting for me to encounter depression ever since I was attacked. I had what I can only describe as despair before I was attacked. But afterwards, I was just trying to establish some kind of normality. I was very practical, very pragmatic, very placid. I did have some challenges, I was very nervous around men – that was the primary challenge. And I was frustrated by the black-outs and fainting and falls I had after the head injuries I had received.

But there was a song I liked that made my family fret that I was depressed. They did not like me listening to it. But I liked the song. It was easy to learn the lyrics and I liked them – they were simple and memorable. I like Kristina Train’s voice. I liked this song. For some I have only sang it in the shower so that nobody hears me singing I and thinks I am depressed! It’s just a nice song! Whether you are depressed or not.

“Dark Black” – Kristina Train

Splish Splash – Don’t Talk Back

splish splash5

Another Wednesday, another Shower Song!

When we were children, my Dad decided he would try cable television. He was interested in the sports channels. But my sisters and I found a show that we absolutely loved. There are some sixties songs that I know only because of the series which was about five (originally six) girls from an orphanage who came to live with the wealthy Nick Foley.

Every episode featured music from the sixties – but with different lyrics that told the story of one or more of the girls. In many cases I know the words used in the series rather than the words on the original recordings!

This was one of the first songs in the pilot episode of “Rags To Riches” and me and my sisters fell in love with it from the start. We still sing those songs years later, and I sing them in the shower. This is the six girls singing “Yackety Yak”.

A Treat For Goldfinch – Triple Chocolate Cheesecake And A Trio Of Love Lullabys

All because the Goldfinch loves milk and dark chocolate…


By the time you see this post…I will be on my way to meeting my beloved.  Look what I am taking with me.  It might not look great in the photo, but this simple make (it’s not a bake, because it is a chilled cheesecake, rather than a baked one)  is one of the most popular desserts I serve at dinners (I normally make individual mini-cakes for posher dinners served with a berry coulis).

Everyone loves it.  More importantly, Goldfinch loves it!  So he is getting it!  He is getting lots of treats from me because it is at least three weeks since I saw him last.  Oh yes he is!

Three weeks is way way too long!

It has put me into an utterly romantic mood…so I am going to revvvv up the romance even more with three numbers for all the love-birds out there who are separated by distance.  Two soppy songs and one that takes me an awful long way back…I am showing my age!




Splish Splash – My First French Lesson

splish splash2

The first French I ever learnt was the following expression “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi”. I learnt it at a very tender age. It means “I don’t know why”. It was the main line in the chorus of a song from Kylie Minogue. This is a song I never ever hear! Don’t laugh at me! This was the music of my very little girldom.

I still know this song off by heart – and yes it is one of my shower songs!!! Don’t tell Goldfinch – he would be so embarrassed.

“Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi” – Kylie Minogue!!!