Someday…When I’m Awfully Low

I woke up this morning very early so that I was ready for the busy day ahead.

I noticed that Sheryl’s word of the day was SOMEDAY. And I instantly started singing a song that made me think of Goldfinch.

However, long before I even met Goldfinch I had a best friend…who became my teenage sweetheart. We courted for eight years before I ended the relationship. I remember going to his wedding – don’t worry I had no intention of interfering like Julia Robert’s character. But it was weird nonetheless. Have you ever been a wedding guest for a former sweetheart?

I guess it was happy weird. I didn’t feel awkward. It felt natural to be there celebrating his happiness. Happy for him, genuinely, but I did feel like it was a permanent goodbye – a letting go of the past and being forced to move on. I left the wedding feeling a little lost in life. But then I remembered I had a wonderful purpose in my life, I should not feel lost. People would come into my life in the future. I knew I might fall in love again one day.

20180628_145757The only odd thing is…the next man I was truly in love with was Jack. Which of course led me to that night in the park where I was attacked. And of all the most horrid coincidents is this – that park, it was within that park that my teenage sweetheart had hired a building for his wedding. The wedding took place a few minutes walk from where I was found some years later by a security guard, who called an ambulance as soon as he saw me.

I will get round to writing more about my teenage sweetheart someday.