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I Was One Of Those Girls

I tend to shy away from sports nowadays, simply because I am very uncomfortable with nationalism. However, the news about the football final last night did reach my ears and I can see that it means a lot to the women who have won that trophy.

I was one of those girls who used to play football every lunchtime with the boys all the way through primary school. The boys were more than happy to have me play because we went to a small school, so I made up the numbers. I was not particularl skilled, but I had lots of energy, and I would run up and down the pitch and was brave enough to try to tackle any of the boys.

When I reached high-school, the boys sort of laid down the rule “no girls”. I was sad at the time, but then I found hockey, which was similar to football except for the big wooden stick and the very hard and fast ball we played with. Hockey was a great sport for me as I could do exactly what I did in football – run up and down the pitch and be brave enough to tackle anyone else.

Photo by Mica Asato on Pexels.com

But I always have had that soft spot for football. I wanted to play, but there did not seem to be any where for me to play in my teens. Of course every time I was with friends in the park I was able to show my enthusiasm and men were always very impressed by what I could do on the pitch (which was still mainly run up and down tirelessly and perform daring tackles).

I am not going to make a big fuss about the big win because I do not want to say anything that sounds nationalistic, but when it comes to girls, women, wo want to play a game they love – I totally understand that. So bravo ladies!