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No Cake Please

cupcakesI have been so encouraged by my almost effortless slimming down (due to having a very tight budget for food) that I declared myself a vow this week.

I have been offered cake several times this week…and I graciously declined with the words “No cake for me until after I come back from Australia”.

Oh I how I am longing to be in Goldfinch’s arms. I cannot explain how hard it is waiting and waiting for the time to pass. I am busy, crazy busy – but is the time going more quickly? No it is not!!

Aaaaaaaaagh! Still can’t believe I will be with him again! I cannot wait!!! I have moved my suitcases out of my storage room and in to my bedroom. They are in a corner where I won’t trip over them. I wish it was time to start packing – but I am going to wait until 1st June!

When I am paid my wages I am going to buy some new lingerie and I think I need a fitting because I have slimmed a little (not a lot, just a little) so I want it to fit properly. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!

I won’t be eating any cupcakes until I am back here in England – when I will be sulking having had to say good bye to him again…and I think at that time, a bit of indulgent comfort eating will be in order.