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Past The Bloom Of My Youth

I am resting today, my hand has been forced! My insides are sore. I am feeling old!

I absolutely love that Goldfinch is ten years older than me. Have I told you that before? I can’t remember. But it is perfect. Because when you are in your mid-thirties, you start to wonder if you are losing your charms. Well, I don’t want to make statements on behalf of the entire thirty-something female population. Maybe other women don’t, but I certainly have worried at times. I have dreaded that advancing years would shed the glamour and vivacity of youth. In addition, the injuries I received the night I was attacked, I feel took away a lot of whatever sparkle I had before.

But Goldfinch being ten years older than me…well, it makes me feel young and girly. I like that. In the past, I was in situations where I felt more like the mum in a relationship. I did not like that. It’s much more fun the other way round.

Some men only seem to improve with age. Some women too I guess. Both of my parents look amazing.  I mean no offence to George Clooney, who is a very fine specimen of a man, but I actually think my Dadda at the age of seventy, is more good-looking. Dad is super fit and permanently tanned from his decades of working as a window-cleaner (well at least his face and arms are tanned). I am hoping I can trust their genes will be kind to me.

My only worry in the meantime, is the damage that my brain playing up is doing to other parts of me. My outside looks alright, but my insides are sore and distressed!

I saw that the word for the day was MOONSTRUCK. I could not help but think of Cher and Nicholas Cage. Next year some time…I hope that someone who makes me feel young and girly and enchanting will let me get all dressed up, and take me to the opera. If there is nobody who will do that…maybe one day I make it to Australia, and ask my Goldfinch to take me to the Sydney Opera House instead.