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Still Forgetting My Scarf

When I was a child, I had a habit of losing scarves. I would leave the house with a coat and scarf, hat and wellies, but I often came back without the scarf.

I remember being a little annoyed by scarves. Some of them seemed to be made of prickly wool, and I would pull them off me, and abandon them. Poor Mumma.

It seems I have not learnt.. Today my lovely scarf vanished somewhere between my leaving the house and arriving at work. I am cross with myself. Oh well, maybe I will find it on the walk to work tomorrow.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Winter Scarves

It became very cold last week. All the wooly scarves are out now!

Close-Up Photo of a Woman Covering Her Face With Scarf

I have even started to wear my big winter coat. When I finish work it is dark and cold and walking the fifteen minute uphill stretch home is quite a shock to my system.

I am wrapping myself up with two huge chunky scarves to keep the cold from getting at my neck. My neck has been bothering me for weeks. The cold does not help.

I especially love Saturday evening when I know it will not be long until Jack arrives. Last week, he was already waiting for me outside my nest. I was thrilled! That does not often happen, but he had woken up early to get as much work as he could done, allowing him to spend more time with me.

I like him! I always knew I did!