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When Jack Goes Quiet

Over the past few weekends, I have heard Jack speaking in Russian on the phone to friends and colleagues. Did I mention before that Jack speaks Russian? He went out there last year on an assignment, and years ago he lived in Russia for a few years.

But this weekend, there were very few phone-calls. Jack seemed very quiet – there is a lot on his plate at the moment, a lot on his mind.

I am incredibly proud of him, and all he does, and his amazing abilities with languages. I am proud of how much he cares. I made it my little mission to help him relax, and generally tried to spoil him.

What Is Happening In Moscow?

The answer is, I don’t know yet.

Russia, Moscow, Red Square, ChurchI do genuinely wonder what is happening in Moscow today. I was just watching the BBC News and it started out with a report that dramatic events are occuring in Russia…and just as it was sounding very interesting, BBC lost contact with their Russia correspondent.

It did sound dramatic. I think I am going to ask Google what is happening in Moscow, although I imagine there will be a lot of weird and wonderful answers thrown back at me.

Maybe I will wait for the Beeb to resolve their technical difficulties…

…Oh, they have signal back. I am still not quite sure what is happening. There seems to be a change in the Russian constitution afoot, if I am correct in understanding the report. It seems that at least one Russian politician is having a job change. But even the Russian correspondent admitted they do not really know exactly what and why.

I am watching. There are lot of world leaders moving boundaries and laws. Pulling out of treaties and unions and agreements. I wonder what it is to facilitate. Do you?