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A Song Of Relief

WordPress informs me this is post 1337.

I know somebody explained once why this is a significant number. Yay! Party!

This is Teresa’s writing prompt for today…and below the picture are the thoughts that ran through my mind. I am too tired to make it creative! Forgive me! But I did want to write about how I feel seeing this photograph.


I love my planet so much. I love it’s creatures large and small. Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by whales in particular. I dream of being in the ocean as a gigantic blue whale appears. People ask what would I love to do if money were no object. I would love to build a boat and sail around the world in it, meeting people all over the planet. But whilst at sea, I would love to study whales.

Imagine my dismay and pain of heart when I started to see footage broadcast through the BBC Blue Planet II. Beautiful marine creatures washed up on shore, their insides tangled up with plastic.

I long for a clean sweep for this earth. I long to wake up and find that the entire world system has been dissolved. Nobody is allowed to be so selfish that they would turn the incredible phenomenons of nature around them into a chance to become filthy rich. Humans will spread out all over the earth and be assigned land to take care of. They will be allowed to take what they need instead of greedily hoarding.

It pains me that earth’s creatures, human and animal are abused today. There will come a time when we will thrive! All creation shall sing a song of joy and relief. We cannot remember the corrupt greedy industrial conglomerates of old. The economic extremes, the mass stripping of earth’s resources and the dumping of harmful waste are all a distant memory.

We are those who love life, love creation and have realized that when you take more than you need in order to gain wealth and luxuries…you are contributing to a system that is poisoning our planet.

Live simply, don’t take more than you need…live forever!

Come Let Me Love You…Let Me Give My Life To You


You can have no idea the relief and utter gladness that has poured into my heart since my last post.

Goldfinch (and I know he is a bit fed up hearing about my ex-flatmate) has had a very good reason for not replying to any of my calls, voice mails and text messages.  I had a gift here waiting for his next visit, and I wondered if I should post it to him with a sorry card.  But now, I am going to keep it here, for I hope I will soon be wrapped up in his arms again.


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He has not seen any of them.  I completely forgot he was going away.

I had just done some food shopping for me and my landlady and bought myself treats so I could comfort eat my way out of my sadness, when I remembered I have a work number for him, a mobile phone number that belongs to a work phone.  He answered the phone straight away.  I was so relieved to hear his voice!  I was sobbing on the phone because of the huge surge of relief and joy that I felt.

He is away and has been since I started believing that he was angry with me because I expressed my dissatisfaction over his opinions of Jack.

woman cryingI thought he was angry.  He said of course he is not.  I have cried and cried this week, thinking I had hurt him and he was refusing to speak to me.  Oh my goodness, what is he going to think when he sees all my heart broken messages when he gets back?

I am not going to worry about that right now.  I am just going to enjoy the ecstasy of love and relief when you find the man you are in love with is just as wonderful as you imagined he was.  Yippppppeeeeeee!

You are either going to love or hate this song… at the right time I love it.  I love it today, because it is gorgeous and is everything I feel towards that wonderful man – Goldfinch!  My hero!