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I can process a lot of secular stuff. I have to. So much work to do!!! But I also have to switch off. And I don’t just mean sleep. I need to let my heart breathe.

A Tree, Nature, Heart, Cherry, Flowers

I find work very satisfying and enjoyable. Even when it is stressful, there is also a sense of reward.

There are certain things which really lift my heart (besides Julie Andrews films) and I need to schedule more time for them. At the moment much of my truly free time is spent curling up next to Jack. It feels good, it feels wonderful.

Maybe because of the Pandemic, and maybe because of a general sense of wellbeing, I am just not making enough time to get out and do the things that refresh me.

But there is time ahead. There is. I am looking forward to spring and summer – that’s the time when my heart breathes most. Until then….curling up with Jack is very sweet.