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To All The Frogs I’ve Kissed Before

I was looking for one of my older posts last week when I came across this poem. I wrote it around three years ago…and, well…it does make me smile!

Frog, Frog Prince, Fairy Tales, Pond, Prince, Crown

It’s time for bed, darkest night once more

The house is silent, there’s not a peep

I’ll close my curtains and lock the door

Keep my eyes tight shut and try to sleep

While around my head dance dreams galore

Tonight you won’t find me counting sheep

Rather, all the frogs I’ve kissed before

That one who turned out to be a creep

And oh the one who was such a bore

But then the frog that I wanted to keep

When he left England, my heart was sore

For my fav’rite frog, a love so deep

I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure

With him I am ready to take a leap

Our bond will last, whether rich or poor

Tears of joy Frog Prince Jack makes me weep

What Will The Future Bring?

So a new year is on the horizon

People timidly wonder “what’s in store?”

After three years of stress and upheaval

Many feel that they just can’t take much more

Financial anxieties multiply

Increasing tension, depression and strife

Our hopes and wishes for a better world

Where all abide in the true joy of life

Do you sense that this world is divided?

Do you lie awake thinking “what is next?”

Controversial issues and decisions

Leave both leaders and their peoples perplexed

If they’re not aware at present, they’ll learn

That in the court of history they’ve been tried

The verdict is they need replacing for

Lasting solutions they cannot provide

They paint themselves heroes and saviours

When they are in fear of losing power

They claim their rulership upholds freedom

At the same time they destroy and devour

As the world falters, will you recognize?

That red flag of security and peace

Stand still, keep your senses as you await

The war that brings all other wars to cease

Then a chance for all creation to rest

Healing on a scale ne’er before seen

Restoration and true education

True peace and security this will mean

When our King loves us like a kind father

Can you imagine how safe you will feel?

A future better than any we dream

We all have the chance to live life for real!

Oh Setting Sun

I remember the breath-taking dawn

The excitement I could not contain

Morning filled my life with challenges

High noon sunshine brought both joy and pain

Now I regret that brief siesta

And mourn the loss of my afternoon

Light has faded, dark follows quickly

How has the time passed away so soon?

Now I behold the sweet pink of dusk

And weep that these hours have passed away

While awaiting the cold dark of night

“Let me live again!” is all I pray

Photo by Tobias Bju00f8rkli on Pexels.com

Special Guest Poet – Gentleman Dave

A very joyful part of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF is the privilege we have of sharing with you some of the phenomenal poets who publish their work on WordPress. Creative writers and poets are a huge part of the WordPress community and it a delight to feature them during BAKKE OFF weekend.

During recent years, we have seen some powerful creative work expressing the concerns many of us have about damage being done to our natural habitats and climate.

Our next Special Guest Poet has composed a beautiful poem that touches on our deep desires to see our earth healed of the damage and restored to vibrant health. Please click the link below to visit Gentleman Dave’s site and read the rest of his moving poem. Gentleman Dave, the creator of THE POET’S LOVE LETTER has written:



For though I missed the butterfly and blue jay

And all such things that cause the child to play

The barren earth and withered trees and broken pathway

Special Guest Poet – Kristian

THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to not only the bakers, but also the fabulous array of creative talent on WordPress. This weekend we are featuring some very special poets

Kristian, creator of TALES FROM THE MIND OF KRISTIAN is a blogger.writer/poet who is very special to me. When I first started out on WordPress, I remember seeing Kristian’s posts regularly and learning so much from him. I was completely unfamiliar with flash fiction (having read not much else except the classics and physics books for most of my life), but I fell in love with Kristian’s clever stories and surprise twists – Kristian is the Master of unexpected conclusions! But I have also been a huge fan of his humour which often features in his poetry.

Kristian has been a joyful presence on WordPress and also been a massive support to THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF, so it is a special honour to feature him as one of our Special Guest Poets. Please click the link below to visit Kristian’s site, where you can read his poem:



So, it’s that wonderful time of year,  

When we set out our bake-off stall,  

Things are tough, but this brings us good cheer...

Special Guest Poet – Christine

Throughout the weekend, THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF has the privilege of sharing with you special guest poets – a selection of some of the phenomenal poetic talent that publish their verses on WordPress.

Our next Special Guest Poet is Christine, the creator of POETRY FOR HEALING, has shared with us a poem that tugged on our heartstrings. I think many of us will relate to memories baking and the potent sometimes profound effect they can have on us. This is Christine’s very beautiful poem “Made With Love“:

Made With Love

I pull the faded recipe card
From the tin stored in
its usual place in the pantry...

Please click the link below to visit Christine’s site where you can read the rest of her moving poem.

Special Guest Poet – Punam

For the past few years we have had the honour of featuring special guest poets as part of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF. We feel that WordPress is a fantastic platform for creativity, whether that is in baking form or poetry. There is a huge amount of international talent on WordPress that inspires and delights us all. So celebrating some of our exceptional poets is a very special and joyful part of our BAKE OFF weekend.

We invited our special guest BAKE OFF poets to write a poem incorporating one or more of our JOY OF BAKING GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF themes this year – CONCERN OVER THE COST OF LIVING and CARING FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET and also HOW WE CAN SHARE THE JOY OF LIFE AND BAKING WITH OTHERS. Every one of our special BAKE OFF poets has come up with a fantastic poem and we are so excited to share them with you.

Our first poet will be no stranger to you. We are very happy to share with you or first special Punam, the creator of PAEANSUNPLUGGEDBLOG, and her poem “Whisk Affairs”. We are only sharing the start of these fantastic poems here because we want you to visit the sites of our special guest poets and discover their exceptional talent for yourselves, so please do click the link below to read the rest of Punam’s poem.


Whisk Affairs

When my mind is in a whirl
unable to stay in line
I then give my whisk a twirl...

I Shared An Insight Into My Heart

Do you know…I am still thrilled with my poem “River”. I wrote it over twenty years ago, and it still deeply registers with me. It is one of the few times in my life when I found the right words to convey how I was feeling in a poetic style, and I did it as a teenager! Normally, poetry is not natural to me at all. So that poem means so much.

In “River”…it all came out, and it came out with such creative flare, such lyricism. I am still astonished at myself. If I never manage to write anther meaningful poem again, it matters not. “River” is my poetic statement, my message to the world.

Photo by Eric Smart on Pexels.com