The Countdown

I just saw that Teresa is hosting a poetry challenge. I don’t know what has come over me, but I am feeling rather rhymeful this evening. Is “rhymeful” even a word? This is Teresa’s challenge below:

Poems come in all shapes and sizes, syllable counts and themes. There are more than 100 different poetic forms listed here that you can try on for size. Find one form and use the picture as inspiration. Remember, the point is to have fun…and there is no such thing as a bad poem(That’s a lovely thing to say Teresa…but I would volunteer most of my poems as bad!)

Tick tock

I’m watching the clock

Tick tock

They’re going to get a shock

Tick tock

Seeing me run round the block

Tick tock

This time I’m aiming to knock

At least half a second off my record for the quickest dash from my desk to the canteen


Tick tock

I’ve been waiting all day

Tick tock

We’re only minutes away

Tick tock

Then we can ditch the grey

Tick tock

What will the teachers say?

Tick tock

When we stampede out of school with a great cheer for summer vacation is finally here


To All The Frogs I’ve Kissed Before

Normally, I look at Teresa’s writing prompt first thing in the morning and think up a story during the day. But when I woke up this morning, my headache was thundering. I was rather hopeless today. So, I have come home and now feel incapable of coming up with a proper short story/flash fiction post. But I wanted to do something inspired by Teresa’s fantastic prompt:

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your inner child and write your take on the Fantasy subgenre of Fairy Tale and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.

Well…I am shattered. These long long work days are taking a toll on my mental energies. So, I could not imagine a story tonight. Instead I present to you some awful poetry!!! It’s been a while, but I do like to keep my hand in at being a terrible poet!

Frog, Frog Prince, Fairy Tales, Pond, Prince, Crown


It’s time for bed, darkest night once more

The house is silent, there’s not a peep

I’ll close my curtains and lock the door

Keep my eyes tight shut and try to sleep

While around my head dance dreams galore

Tonight you won’t find me counting sheep

Rather, all the frogs I’ve kissed before

That one who turned out to be a creep

And oh the one who was such a bore

But then the frog that I wanted to keep

When he left England, my heart was sore

For my fav’rite frog, a love so deep

I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure

With him I am ready to take a leap

Our bond will last, whether rich or poor

Tears of joy Frog Prince Jack makes me weep


I Think I Am Falling In Love

Now I have not asked her permission, so I am not going to do the whole re-blog thing. I just wanted to mention that I am falling in love with the poetry I read from a blogger I recently started to follow. This is was the poem I read in my WP Reader this morning:

Rainbow Fields Forever

I don’t know what has got into me…I am feeling overly romantic – must be missing Goldfinch way too much!  I very rarely attempt poetry because I am pathetic at it.  But as soon as I saw this picture prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith, it started to play on my mind…and here I have something that could loosely be described as a poem because there are rhyming elements and it is all mushy and vague.

Sorry to all true poets who will surely be horrified by my definition of poetry.  Here is my offering in response to Worth A Thousand Words #2.

rainbow fields.jpg


Photo Credit: DeltaWorks @

Rainbow Fields Forever

Big bright blue intense

I’m lost in his gaze

Eye to eye contact

Has me in a daze

I am looking deep into his eyes

And all I see is rainbow fields forever


Warm mellow rhythmic

His comforting sound

Hearing his whisper

Has me quite spell-bound

I am listening to his voice

And all I hear is rainbow fields forever


Honeyed pine manly

I breathe in his scent

Scarf, pillow, sheet and

Wherever he went

I am craving his aroma

And all I smell is rainbow fields forever


Tender, gentle, kind

Wrapped in him I stand

My joy’s overflowing

Walking hand in hand

I cling to my loved one

And all I feel is rainbow fields forever


His lips meet my own

I’ve longed for his kiss

Lingering tingle

Leaves me in sheer bliss

His embraces make me breathless

And all I taste is rainbow fields forever



And Now You Rest In Peace

This dreadful poem

(I can only apologise for my pathetic attempts at writing poetry)

is inspired by Jack

– who is still alive and kicking by the way:

Ever the benevolent

Forthright and daring

Always so noble

Applauded as caring


They knew not of your heart of stone

Tales of snuffed out romance you did not want told

Afraid that a woman may distract you

Hardening your resolve, letting your own blood run cold


Only I really knew you

Why you put valour and volunteering before all

I will honour you forever

My love will never fail, my regard will never fall


You have lived without luxury or comforts

And now you rest in peace

Their thoughts of your good deeds will fade

But my love will never cease


Thursday photo prompt: Honour #writephoto

Above It All

Why should I not celebrate a year of the sweetest comfort, tactile affection, excitement and deep joy with Goldfinch by making another attempt at a poem – don’t laugh!


Nearest to my heart

He will forever be

The light of my life

Together flying free

Through yellow gold skies

Sweet days of utter bliss

Warmed for years to come by

Memories of his kiss

Goldfinch my new guide

Raising me up above

Teaching the best way

Of how to know true love



FOWC with Fandango — Guide