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Awaiting The Verdict

Last night, I tried to relax and unwind before the last stage of my interview (which will happen whether I am ready or not!), but for some reason I ended up watching the BBC News Channel.

Goodness – no matter how stressful the interview process for a job is – it is nothing compared to what some rather high profile men in this country are dealing with.

I don’t want to offer up my opinion on some of the dramas that are causing a whirlwind of reaction. But it feels as if there is a big finger pointing at two different men, two very different situations, and as if onlookers are slightly baffled by the response of each of these individuals.

Pointing, Finger, Gesture, Index Finger

I have heard an expression a lot in the past couple of years – “the court of popular opinion”. No matter what occurs next….with regards to civil investigations, reports, police enquiries into possible criminal offences or breaches of law….I suppose the “court of popular opinion” refers to a situation when a lot of onlookers or witnesses have totally lost respect for the accused, lost confidence in them, and have become doubtful as to their integrity and trustworthiness.

I do wish I had not turned the news on. However, it certainly distracted me from my own concerns. Seeing the utter messy sticky trap that is developing around two men who seem to have played their cards very foolishly….well, it makes my worries look rather insignificant.

On a completely different note….a friend of mine had this lovely idea….and although it was not something I personally wanted to put my name to, I helped her work on her idea. She has come up with a pudding – a pudding I think is quite delicious and I think anyone would. She wanted to submit it for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We talked it over and I suggested a couple of tweaks, which she loved, and then I helped her with the story behind the idea and the significance of all the ingredients and how they relate to the Queen’s legacy. She is ever so talented, and she is the type of person who I think would be a brilliant representative as a royal baker.

Dragon Fruits, Pudding, Jelly, Gelatin

This is not her idea….by the way…just a pretty Pixabay picture to decorate this post. But if her adorable idea is featured to celebrate decades of enduring being in the public eye throughout all manner of challenges and crises, well, I am sure I will be letting you know that my friend thought up something truly delicious and worthy of someone who has won respect due to her public decorum.