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Why I Take Pictures

I don’t have a smart phone. I have a camera though. I use it to snap memories that I know impact me on a deep personal level. I have photos that lift me up on sad day and make everything alright.

I also take pictures for other people – not just anyone – my nearest and dearest friends, my loved ones, people who I just wish were right here with me. I take photos to share moments that touched me, and I know will touch them.

Now I know that taking photos and sharing them is not an unusual concept -and Instagram have turned it into a mundane lacklustre process. But I was looking at my photos recently, and realized there is a unique quality about them. I have been taking them through my eyes – framed in a way that tells a story.

I am not a great photographer – oh no – but I am learning my own unique language. I need to take my camera out more often though – and take more pictures – and develop this language of photography.

Pictures!…Or It Didn’t Happen

I have a friend who I love, but who keeps on using the expression in my title when reacting to anything I tell them.

I love my dear friend – but why on earth should I supply photos to substantiate what I am relating about the daily events of my life?


Perhaps this expression is suddenly my least favourite phrase!

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Snap Snap Click Click…BOOM!!!

I am definitely lacking when it comes to artistic and creative areas. WordPress has given me the chance to improve a little when it comes to being creative, but it is something that does not come easily to me.

So, I am actually rather nervous about the latest project I have been roped into! A friend of mine has come up with an idea, a lovely idea, and she has been very creative in producing something that is a delight, would be a delight to anyone. She shared her idea with me, and I was invited to give honest feedback. I thought her idea was original, I have never seen anything quite like it, and brilliant, but I suggested on or two little tweaks.

Now….she wants me to go over after work and help her photograph this creation so she can submit her creation to interested parties. Me with a camera – yikes! I am not sure if I am going to help or hinder this project.

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com

Anyway…I am being a little vague and ambiguous about this because my friend has sworn me to secrecy amongst our friends. She plans to reveal her creation at a later date, but while she is in the production and marketing stage, she wants to keep it all under wraps.