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There’s A Party Going On

We’re all slightly confuzzled about recent guidance about parties – the direction is about as clear as mud this past week. But there is one thing we know – BLOGGING PARTIES ARE THE BEST!!!

Fireworks, People, Festival, Night, Wallpaper

This weekend THE BLOGGING PARTY you really need to drop into is on the fantastic blog LIFE’S SO COMPLICATED:

If you have never been to a blogging party, this is the perfect opportunity for you – introduce yourself in the comments and please do leave a link to one of your posts so that other bloggers can visit your site. It’s a fabulous chance to meet other fantastic bloggers.

Here in London it is 11:08pm – perfect time to be partying!!!


Did I ever imagine that today I would be hosting a virtual party on WordPress? Nope!!! But the plan changed last weekend when the UK government announced that London and surrounding areas are in Tier 4!! So thousands of people will be alone today – just like me! However, all is not lost, because we know how to throw a party!

So whether you are in London or anywhere else, all alone or just trying to escape the noise and in your household for a few minutes – please drop by today and say hello in the comments below! Tell us what you are drinking at home or place an order at CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL BAR. We serve cocktails and mocktails and the finest champagne!

There will be little nuggets to look OUT FOR TODAY – we have music, comedy and hopefully the games we planned will work too! But whatever you do – please know that if you are alone geographically – you do not have to be alone at all today. There is an amazing bunch here on WordPress who are determined to help everyone get through this cold, dark and perhaps challenging time.

I am going to start the day with things we would love for you to share with us:

  • Can you tell us which songs cheer you up – they don’t need to be festive – we just want to hear music that lightens our spirits and brings a smile to our face. You can leave an artist and song title and I will find a video to link to the comments or if you know how to do it, then please leave a video link yourself.
  • For those of you who have cameras and can load a picture onto your blog. Could you take a photo of something you are eating today – be it a cooked dinner, a cake, or something healthy – can you post a photo and pingback to this post so we can all drool over what you are eating please?
  • Do you have a favourite comedy sketch? It might be classic comedy or a spoof sketch. Could you find a video and leave a clip? Or give me some clues so I can find a clip to post? (Nothing offensive though please – this is an international party and we want everyone to feel welcome!)
  • Are you a poet? could you leave us with a few lines about either cocktails, parties, how to cope with being alone, showing unselfish love, or anything else that warms our hearts on a day when many of us will be missing our loved ones
  • Do you have a favourite blog post from either your own website or another blogger’s site that has brought a huge smile to your face during 2020?
  • Is there a special someone you want to give a shout out to? Let us know who you are missing most and who you would be with if it was not for the pandemic restrictions!



When I say “we” I mean the royal we – as in me. But I know Jack and some of my other friends will be checking all the comments too.

To give you an idea of some of the amazing bloggers who have been making WordPress a sensation throughout 2020 here contributions from two of my favourite bloggers:

The incredibly talented Roberta Cheadle, the creator of Robbie’s inspiration has created an entire village from chocolate and gingerbread!!!!


One of the bloggers who warms my heart and makes WordPress an absolute joy for me is Kristian, the creator of Tales from the mind of Kristian, has been recording songs that have certainly cheered me up right down to my toes!


This one is special – for all of us who are physically ALL MY OURSELVES – we can be united and connected with the people dearest to us and the most fabulous bloggers through WordPress and YouTube and Zoom and Instagram. I am not always a social media fan and truth be told – I am a bit of a technophobe – but when technology is used to warm hearts and be a positive influence on each other – kudos to that!!! Thank you Kristian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Thank you to everyone who has come up with ideas already and plans to drop by to CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB tomorrow! I am am very excited now!

If you have any ideas that you want to bring along to the party – music, poetry, stories, foodie photos, jokes, or anything that will entertain other bloggers and cheer us up on a day when we might be feeling sorry for ourselves – you are oh so very welcome to get involved.

Many people will have been heartbroken this week when they had to cancel their plans to see their family or close friends (as was I!) but we are going to make sure that Friday is a day when we can still connect and have fun! After all, we have made sacrifices to protect our loved ones – we deserve a party!


You may have heard about the London lockdown which started on Sunday and will mean that thousands like myself will be all alone throughout the holidays. Well, in response I am hosting a virtual party. On Friday – CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB will be open and very glad to have you drop by!

Until then I am working every day, but I am very excited that there are so many ways we can connect during a time when we would normally be with our loved ones. The theme for CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB is simply FUN! We want you to bring music, laughter and anything that will warm our hearts and cheer us up at a time when many of us are all alone!

If you are anything like me you may have shed tears on realizing there will be no hugs and games with family and close friends. But we are going to rock being alone over the holidays with one spectacular virtual event!

Remember everyone – we are doing the right thing! We are protecting our loved ones! So we are going to make sure we have the kind of party that we deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Helpless To The Bass And The Fading Light

They suddenly seem like a very distant memory at the moment, but at the start of this year I went to two parties with Jack. I was worried before I went to them, but they turned out to be a success. For the moment, that worry of what people think of Jack and I being together has been lifted.

boogI have always loved a good party. I don’t have to be asked to jump up on the dance floor. I love a good beat…I love big bold bass. But Jack love partie even more than I do! Which is awesome!

I think we are the same. Neither of us are particularly good dancers, but we don’t half enter into the spirit of things. At both of the parties we have been to we ended up attracting quite a crowd of interesting people, who were at that party, and decided to join Jack and I with our partying.

j and me.pngI swung round and found a popular actress opposite me. She then grabbed my hands and swung me round and round. It was a tiny bit surreal because I have never met her before. But she knows Jack. I was laughing with him about it on the way home. I think…I am being accepted as his girlfriend. That’s a good thing I think. I know that some of the people at these parties are virtual strangers. They are usually there only because they are involved in a project or charity that Jack is. But in some ways, I feel as if they are giving me some support…well, at least encouragement. Does that make sense?

And I think…he and I make a pretty good couple. Although I might be biased saying that!

Bills To Pay And Rules To Break

It is so Friday! At long last! What a long week this has been. I am sad, real sad that Jack will be away for the next few weeks. Can you imagine how I am feeling? There is so much I want to say to Jack.

hwpHowever, not one to wallow in the dust, I have plans! Big plans! Bills to pay, rules to break, risks to take and things to say! I will be seeing a lot of friends in my free time (not that I have a lot of that at the moment) to keep me busy and lively while Jack is away.

It all starts tonight. One word for you: PARTY! Well, why not? It is the weekend after all! I am breaking my early to bed rule yet again!

One of my friends has just bought a house with a big garden. Before the furniture and carpets arrive…they are throwing a party. Best way to have a party, before the cream carpets go down! It’s a bit out of town, so I am staying with another friend tonight and then I have to catch a train first thing tomorrow to be back in London for eleven o’clock in the morning.

worslWhy do I have to come back to London the next morning? Paid work. I have bills to pay! South West Trains are a bit unreliable of late. I am taking a risk in leaving it until the morning to travel back for work. But you know what…it will be ok! We got love! I wonder what my supervisor would think if I said that after having to ring and late!

Nah! Why am I worrying? Life is not all work and no fun! I am going to make sure I laugh and dance and sing with my friends. Then I am going to head into work with a smile on my face as I remember the fun we had!

Oh this song is such fun!

MC Jackhammer

And so the party goes on. Jack and I will be together again, starting the year as we mean to go on! I am going to be waking up on Wednesday morning in the apartment I used to live in. How strange. But not in the room I used to sleep in. Instead, I will be on the other side of that thin wall. I will be in Jack’s room. So strange.

fd.pngCrazy fancy dress do tonight. The theme is nostalgia. That seemed an odd theme to me, but our friend Danny who is throwing the party often has out of the box ideas.

Jack is dressing like MC Hammer. I have no idea why he picked MC Hammer. Jack is nuts! He is going to look terrible. Please, please don’t let any photos of him in his costume make their way onto the internet. I am going as a hippy. Why? Best I could do as I looked through the local charity shops for ideas.

I am sure there will be better costumes than the ones we have chosen. I am going to a party with MC Jackhammer! What a crazy night this will be!

Party Like A Rock Star

lika rocksatr.jpgSo I was chatting with someone the other day. Very mellow kind of person, but I worry overly-timid. He has every reason to be confident, but I can see in the way he holds himself, there is an awkwardness there.

Anyway…he was telling me he had been invited to go to a party and he did not want to go. I asked him why not. He described the party to me. There will be no alcohol he mentioned, there will be music and dancing, there will be food, real food, there will be a lot of people. Well…I was confused, that sounds like a great party to me!

neffyPoor dear, he explained he has to go to the party, it’s not something he can excuse himself from without upsetting family. So I kept giving him tips, on how to be at a party, encouraging him to take a positive view. I explained there are bound to be more women there. There are always more women at parties. I told him they will have made the effort to dress up and will want to have a great time. It should be easy for a man. He only has to stand around, and mutter a little and smile. He should not be shy and stand in the corner. He should be gallant, start conversations, offer to get drinks, be willing to dance. I don’t understand how he can go wrong. Anyone can party if they really want to!

peerpsI could see that whatever I said to him was not working. He just kept on pulling faces. Oh, he needs someone like “Jack” to teach him how it is done! Anyway, I gave up in the end. If he doesn’t want to enjoy the party – he won’t. My last words before we parted were: “Have a great time and remember PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!”

Anyway, it’s his choice. He says he will go, I just want him to choose to enjoy it and have a good time. But that’s up to him. All we can do is hope he remembers all of my helpful advice! Just get out there and the floor and party like I showed you!

In Case You Missed It!

bake together 3

We had a wonderful day yesterday hosting


Just in case you missed the fun, here is an idea of the amazing cakes that were baked by our fellow bloggers:

We had some cakes from first time bakers or those who had never made a sponge cake before! Thank you so much for bravely taking on the challenge for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF! You are wonderful! 

A few of us had some challenges during our time in the kitchen! But it only added to the fun on Sunday and a huge thanks goes to those bloggers who were great sports and brave enough to submit bakes that won a special NOD FROM GARY! 

We had some very special party cakes: 

Cakes for chocoholics and coffee and booze enthusiasts: 

Spectacular fruity cakes: 

We had a naked cake! The perfect sandwich cake:

Naked Cake

And we had a cake that belongs in a special category all of it’s own

– it’s beyond all words to describe it:

Gary's Cake 1

As you may know our special judge A Jeanne in the Kitchen has published a post announcing the STAR BAKER of THE 2019 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF as you can see in her post below:

And the Winners Are ……..

Later on we will publish the final round-up including the cake created by our STAR BAKER! And then we will promise there will be no more mention of cake for another year or so (well…not from me anyway!!)

Thank you so much for joining int the party and making

THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF soooooo special!!!


A Party You Can Attend In Your Snugly Pyjamas

pjs.jpgAfter a long day of working, and then panicking because I realized the supermarket was closing early, and I had no food in my cupboards after being away for a week with my family, I am ready to relax and rest up.

My plans for the next few hours are to finish my ironing, have a shower and put on some cosy pyjamas and then put earplugs in my ears so that I can block out the noise of fireworks and have an early night’s sleep. I have big plans for tomorrow so I need my sleep tonight.

You may be one of the many who are heading out to a party tonight, or maybe you are opting for a more peaceful and sedate way of saying Sayonara  Monday 2018, Bienvenue Tuesday 2019.

However, I am a party girl and so I could not resist dropping by this party! Did you know you are invited too? Head on over and say hello and remember to include a link to your blog or a favourite post. Don’t be shy. It is a wonderful way to meet new bloggers (and so far it’s been like visiting a party with complete strangers – a bunch of bloggers who I have never come across before are being super friendly).


If you are opting for a cosy evening and a great sleep before you face January 2019 – why not say hello at this blogging party?

Even more fun than a Minion’s party! Well…maybe I am exaggerating. What could be more fun than a Minion’s party?