Zorbing For Safety Purposes

Girl, People, Tenderness, WomanGetting to and from work is becoming a challenge on a Saturday. I feel like painting a big sign with a notice to say I am on my way to my work and am part of the NHS – so please let me through – and please stay two metres away from me because I will be dealing with people who are already sick.

It’s awful to see people displaying such appalling behaviour. Here I find myself feeling threatened and afraid of the same people who may have been clapping for the NHS every Thursday for the past couple of months.

Hey peeps – I have been stuck doing overtime for almost six months. I would be glad to be able to get to and from work safely. Violence on the streets of London – like we needed that!

Zorb, Zorbing, Rolling Downhill, SphereI want one of those zorb thingies. Never mind being in a support bubble. I want a big biodegradable plastic bubble that means I am protected from people throwing things in all directions and screaming all sorts of angry chants. I have no idea who is who – just that they are all angry. None of them seem to look as if they have any solutions to offer – just anger and hatred.

Haven’t you read the book? It was all written in advance. While you read it, could you leave a safe route for me to get to work – please. There are some very sick people we are looking after. It would help if I arrived at work in one piece.


Another Magical Moment

reuaigfhlasThe absolute highlight of today, was when the tannoy system began to blast out Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best”. Everyone had to stop work and look at each other. It was another magical moment.

These magical moments, during what has been an incredibly intense time at work, have been fabulous when they have come along by surprise. Who on earth decided to play that on the tannoy? It was so random! But so phenomenal!!!

Was it one of our patients? Was it one of our managers? Was it the Health Secretary or the Prime Minister? Could it have been HRH The Queen? Maybe we will never know?


At The End Of A Shift

Black Woman, Jumping, ChoreographyWork is hard going at times. But having a little sing and dance session at the end of a long stressful day has become a popular event.

My manager calls it therapy. It’s also a good way to get our heart racing – dance (well the way we dance anyway) is a great form of exercise.

We love it! It is also a great way to switch off from the things that weighed on your heart during the day.

I know everyone is pleased with the NHS at the moment. One thing that is important for all of us is taking a break for the sake of our mental and emotional health. We work hard…but at the end of a shift, being able to have a dance with some music is really good for the heart.

The funny thing is., we don’t normally do this. It’s only since the …you know… began that we have needed these little bursts of fun to let go of all the pent up stress.

Another Day Another Dollar Another Death

selective focus photography of woman holding cupI am starting to really look forward to a day off. When you are tired, you start to find mornings hard. Some of it might be physical tiredness, but it is more the emotional tiredness I am aware of. Just starting to feel I am ready to shut myself away from the whole world for a while.

But in the meantime I am sipping my coffee in hopes the caffeine will have kicked in before it’s time to shower.

fav appThen I will go and collect the dark sourdough loaf reserved for me by the bakery. I was so pleased to find I had two slices of bread left when I woke up this morning. I didn’t feel like eating granola again. I am losing my appetite at the moment.

We all start to be affected in different ways when we are in touch with illness and death. It does tend to get at you in little ways even it is something you are used to because of your profession. For me, it’s slightly chipping away at my emotional energy, my enthusiasm and my appetite. But I am aware of it. I know it will be good for me to spend my day off doing some things that will invigorate my heart and desire to enjoy life.

I was even more pleased this morning to find I still had half a jar of St Dalfour Apple and Cinnamon preserve. I spread some of it on my toasted sourdough. It is absolutely beautiful. It was a perfect start to the day.

Better go now. Another day of work ahead.



I’m On My Way

I must admit I am enjoying my walk to and from work. With the nice weather, I am walking along wearing my sunglasses, sipping my home made coffee from my papyrus reusable coffee cup and swinging my little lunch tote. I still sing. Every morning I sing on the way to work to fortify my heart for the day ahead.

Adult, Back View, Beautiful, Coffee

I am on my way to work…off to face the dragon that is the …you know. But so far, I am going strong. Another day, another dollar. But more than than…I feel part of a team. We are all in this together, each of us doing our bit.

Tears To My Eyes

Eye, Blue Eye, Woman, Eye LashesI am sorry to say that when I first heard about a bunch of celebrities doing a thang to say thank you to people who work extremely hard doing heart rendering tasks and are paid a fraction compared to most of these celebrities – I thought…well, I will not tell you what I thought! Jack knows what I think of celebrities.

However, there were a couple of performances I enjoyed…and this one was probably my favourite. It moved me to tears. I do appreciate it when someone takes something from their heart and expresses it in a beautiful way. I believe this lady has a very genuine reason to be singing these words.

Well…I am going to get an early night before another day at work tomorrow.

I’m Sure You Will Have Heard Of Captain Tom

I have been busy busy busy…but not too busy to hear about Captain Tom raising over £15 million for the NHS. Now he and Michael Ball and NHS members up and down the country are singing along – WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Captain Tom seems like a complete gem of a man! What a way to approach 100 years of age. Awesome!

A Vital Supply Chain

hdufI know there are a lot of reports about those health care providers in the UK who do not seem to have the PPE they need to protect staff and patients. I have to limit how much news I watch because it starts to drain me of the energy I need for work.

I am sure those who are explaining their predicament are being honest in expressing their frustration. I am glad to say that we receive regular deliveries of PPE that we have been told that the government are sending. I don’t understand how the supply chain is working at the moment. But yesterday another delivery arrived with face masks and gloves.

Doctor, Op, Medical, Operation, HospitalIt is important for those who need PPE to keep shouting up and making it clear they have a need. No health provider should be overlooked, so do shout up.

But I hope people are aware that a huge amount of PPE is being distributed in a way I have never witnessed before. But in this situation 100% of health care providers need to be in receipt of the correct equipment.

I have mixed feelings about some of the what I see. People have the right to say if something is wrong. In the case of not having PPE, it is important for health care providers to shout up. But some people seem to be moaning about everything. Whereas others are trying their best to be positive.

For me…I feel in many ways as if I am out on the battlefield, one of those fighting in the thick of the action, and am very grateful for all the PPE that is coming our way. Some of the news reports are demoralising, at a time when we need encouragement. But it means a lot to me that my family and the people I love and care about are keeping a balanced view. They are a huge support to me and their attitude lessons any anxiety I may otherwise feel.

Hands, Friendship, Friends, ChildrenThey are not complaining about financial hardship or the discomfort of self-isolation. They understand that while a battle is being fought, other things are of lesser importance. They are doing a great job of staying beautifully minded – they make my spirits soar each day. They have their eyes fixed on what matters – our precious life and the wonders of creation, relationships with other people and a good conscience. They are finding ways to be kind and generous with their neighbours and they are just being what they normally are – a delight. I wish we could bottle up the spirit my family are showing and distribute it to anyone who is running round in panic, lamenting everything they see going wrong.

Poop On The Patio

Castle Park, Hotel, Terrace, ParkNo photos of the actual poop – I promise!

I only mention it because there was a danger that as a member of the health service I was in danger of acquiring an inflated sense of importance. Suddenly the entire NHS have been exalted to superhero status (quite right too!), but to keep me grounded, I had a reminder this week that just because I am working ridiculously long days in extremely demanding conditions, there is no reason to feel all elevated.

Instead I was assigned the task of scraping the poop off the patio because my clients, who are now working from home, were sunbathing in their garden (which is an appropriate exercise when social distancing) and complained that all they could see was the poop on the patio. By the looks of things, it had been there for days. Poor clients had not thought of clearing it off the patio themselves.

iashSo I put on my PPE and went about the task.

Not only am I fighting on the front line of the invisible war…I am also an expert at property maintenance.

No task too great…no task too menial. Self-importance is soooooo overrated. Long ago, when I saw it in others who have had a big influence on me and been an inspiration, I realized that humility is one of the most beautiful qualities a human can display. I have fallen in love with people when I witnessed their humility. So…I am going to remind myself that poop on the patio is no big deal.

Not only will I carry on working hard at my day job…I’ll roll up my sleeves and take on any other work that needs to be done.