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A Clean Earth – Will You Live On It?

The earth is a beautiful, stunning gem – a planet teaming with life. It is the most wonderful gift – the perfect home. We are blessed with colours, scents, flavours, sounds and textures that delight our senses.

Thousands of years of history, every form of rulership or government has been tried, and the results are undeniable. Mankind is not qualified or capable of caring for this priceless trust on their own.

That does not change the purpose of the one who created it. This earth will be the wonderful home – clean, lush and spectacular – to a clean, healthy and thriving population of humans, who will care for their trust with joy.

I should not really say this…it is not the kindest way of stating the obvious – but if you don’t want to live on a clean earth, please feel free to join the latest moon or Mars program.

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

Hungry Birdies

During the hot weather, I seemed to have to fill up the birdfeeder every single day. Perhaps they were struggling with the heat, and needed extra peanuts.

But the following remark is for someone who I came into contact with fairly recently in sad circumstances….

I have learnt that some birdies are always hungry for more!

Photo by Kevin Blanzy on Pexels.com

The Beautiful Spot I Call Home

During the past few weeks, spring has been encroaching in all directions…and I love it of course! But several times during the past week, the beauty that greets me every time I unlock the huge goats that hide my little nest away from the rest of the world really took my breath away.

It is so incredibly pretty. Now the magnolias are out, and I am utterly charmed. It is a stunning time of year, and the garden outside my front door is pure paradise. An escape from London…an oasis to revive my spirits.

What would I do without spring?

Absorbing All The Greenery

I have mentioned this in the past – but I am going to repeat it. I don’t seem to take much in when I watch television anymore. You know that feeling when you read a page in a book, and then realize you can not remember a single word? I am just like that with TV.

Sometimes I watch the weather report, and at the end I realize, I did not take anything in, and I need to go online to check the weather report. It happens with crime dramas. Jack likes watching “Vera”. We both like “Death In Paradise”. I can get to the end – when they reveal who committed the ghastly crime – and I have no idea what happened for the past hour (or two hours).

It’s as if the connection of those images on the screen is not registering in my brain. I have put it down to tiredness. My work has required so much concentration and attention to detail, perhaps there is no more capacity to concentrate on television.

Well….there is a David Attenborough documentary series called “The Green Planet” on BBC i-player which my friends have been watching. I have been trying to watch it too….only….nothing is going in to my brain!!! My brain does not seem to be absorbing the narration or making sense of the images.

All I can remember is that there is a lot of green….a serious amount of green!

Trees, Moss, Forest, Sunlight, Sunrays
Leaf, Green, Foliage, Green Leaves
Waterfall, Moss, Korea, Mountain, Valley
Iris, Wild Iris, Yellow Flower, Flowers

If Only I Could Be A Penguin

When I have been on my feet all day, my heels and soles are burning, my ankle is hurting, my calves are throbbing, my knees are twinging and thighs are pulling tight, and to be truthful, I wonder how on earth I am going to get myself home!

Well….I was watching a documentary about penguins (because it lifted my spirits) and wow, what an inspiration. If only I could move around like a penguin!

I would start the day sliding on my belly all the way down the hill to get to work. Yee-hah!!! What a rush that would be! I am sure that would set me up for the day.

And if I know anything about penguins after watching an hour of footage dedicated to their travels, it’s like they prefer to avoid the miserable scenario of waddling uphill. What they prefer, is to swim through the water and then propel themselves up through the air for a dramatic landing.

There must be a way I can also launch myself from work up the hill to where my nest is. It would be such a brilliant way of travelling home each evening – don’t you think?!!

Change Of Focus

Do not let the stress and anxiety and uncertainty over this political economic system swallow you up. Shift your focus away from what humans have made. Look at what they have not made.

Beach, Sun, Evening, Summer, Sea

Look at the extraordinary systems in place on this planet – the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between plants and animals. Look at the way this planet recycles and renews.

Look at the evidence that we are not just meant to exist, to survive….but we are meant to live, to really live, to thrive!!! The vast variety of colour, flavour, beauty that is beyond all human imagination.

Shift your eyes away from the concrete jungles, the neon advertising, the virtual world mankind has used to amass more and more. Look at all the displays and performances that you have never once been asked to pay money for. The spectacular sunsets, the star lit skies, the chorus of birdsong adorning the morning, the bouquet of perfumes as spring flowers burst forth.

Please dwell on the what is a gift to you and me – a beautiful home that we were designed for. The corruption and the injustice is about to be swept clear away. May your heart beat for the treasure that awaits…


“The meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”

PSALM 37:11

Bursting Into Life

Spring Background, Cherry Blossoms, SkyI was walking to work yesterday when blossom from the cherry trees that line are avenue started to rain down upon me and I found myself adorned with white petals like confetti.

Creation provides so much wonderful, no matter what the challenge, so much beautiful – it helps me to forget the world and think about what really counts.

When I have more time and more energy, I mean to write about some of the unhelpful opinions and ideas that are floating around the internet. In the meantime, protect your mind and heart by observing the wonders of creation….from your window or garden. Here in the northern hemisphere, everything is bursting into life. Or just lay still and listen to the birds singing.

I am on my way to work again…but first of all, the bakery at the end of the road for my dark sourdough loaf. I realized this week that none of the local bakeries are using their slicers. People have to buy a whole loaf and slice it at home (which makes a mess). But my loaf comes already sliced because it is made by an external supplier. On

Take Me Outside

I am still thinking about Fandango’s great question last week – all about stress and how we deal with it.

nature.jpgI have been thinking about my hectic schedule at the moment. Even though I feel super busy, it is so helpful when I use whatever little time I have free to be outside in the green almost summery weather. I wish I could go out for walks in the morning (but mornings are a very bad time for me) but instead I have found that I can usually fit in a thirty minute walk late afternoon or early evening. It is so delicious to have that time and it is very energising. And it is FREE!

Outside, green and gorgeous – even little bursts are precious!