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I Just Close My Eyes And I’m With You

close to youI miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More than when he left in December 2018. I was just utterly happy the entire time I was in Australia, right up until the point I realized it was time to say goodbye. Then the sadness and the tears began. I tried so hard not to cry in front of Goldfinch, but he caught me a couple of times.

Ay ay ay! This winter is going to be so hard! The thought of many months ahead saving my money carefully to be able to afford to go out and see him again. Waiting for him to have the time to visit England.

Still there is music, there is sunshine (well, on rare occasion over here in England), there is cake, there are starry skies, there are parties and dinners out, there are friends and family…must try to keep my chin up and work hard and save money to be able to be with him again.

alone1But I have so many wonderful memories from Australia. At night, when it is time to sleep, I can slip into bed and close my eyes and…I am with him, wrapped up in his arms.

Life is wonderful. Being in love is wonderful. You never know what the day may bring. He has given me so much happiness. Don’t let me whinge too much! It is hard being so far away from him, but that’s only because he is gorgeous inside and out!

Tomorrow I’ll Miss You

goodbyeSince I hail from Liverpool, I am used to hearing The Beatles music. I have grown up hearing their tunes, and many of their songs I know off by heart. I don’t normally think about the lyrics because I know those songs as well as nursery rhymes.

But I heard a popular track the other day from The Beatles…and it choked me up! The thought of having to say goodbye to Goldfinch is a very unwelcome one! Yup…I sure will miss him! I think you knew that aleady.

I Would Rather Be With You


I would rather be strolling across the promenade hand in hand with you. I would rather be eating ice-cream on a summer’s day with you. I would rather be wearing shorts and a T-shirt and feeling as if I was nine again. I would rather be sitting next to you on the bus on the way back home.

Living a life shoulder to shoulder with toffs is not what I wanted. Men who think they can buy affection are dreadful company. Wearing stilettos and pencil skirts is so confining. Hotels and private hire limousines, champagne and hors d’oeuvres, boastful and boorish men.

How could you ever doubt it? I would much rather be with you.