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Kristin – We Love You!

It is impossible for me to keep up, but when I have an hour of an evening, I have been trying to watch an episode of either the UK Masterchef which started a few weeks ago on BBC1, or the Australian Masterchef (from 2018) which has been broadcasting on BBC3 for even longer.

Masterchef Australia is interesting. They seem to put a lot more energy and certainly a much bigger budget into their competition. You also have chance to get to know the contestants a little better as they take a rollercoaster journey of pressure tests, invention tests, elimination tests, team challenges and other assignments designed to stretch them.

Well, of all the shows I have seen….both the UK and the Australia Masterchef, I have never been quite so impressed by a contestant until we saw Kristin – I think she is Kristin Sheffield.

Her cooking and pastry skills are outstanding. But it is more than that. Jack and I have both completely fallen in love with her personality, her eloquence, her composure, her creativity. We just think she is fabulous. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I already know the results of this series – no spoilers. I have been watching all the contestants with interest, but in almost every episode I find myself hoping the camera will turn to Kristin. I want to know what she is going to make, and what she is going to say – because she always says something that registers with us or touches us.

I also realized that if this is the 2018 series that I am watching, when I visited Adelaide a year later, that is Kristin’s home. I remember the Central Market being a foodie heaven, and it makes me smile to imagine Kristin perhaps wandering around the market picking up ingredients to make something amazing.

Ooops – I Did It Again!

Jack is clearly very suspicious of me. He told me that there is a new series of Masterchef – Australian Masterchef – on BBC 3. So I watched some of it….

….after I watched the first episode, Jack texted me to tell me not to look at Wikipedia to find out who won.

Oooops!!! Too late!!!

What he needs to understand is that knowing the end result truly helps me to enjoy the series more. I cannot bear the drama otherwise. It is all too much for me. If I don’t know who wins, I sit there with my stomach gripped with anxiety. If I know who wins. it is so much easier to accept when I see it all play out before my eyes.