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That Is Love!

When I received two photographs from the wonderful Di, the creator of pensitivity101, I showed Jack, and he and I ended up having a long discussion, which I will explain later on.

Many of you will know that as well as producing many fantastic posts of her own, Di also hosts THE THREE THINGS CHALLENGE and THE FRIDAY TAKE SEVEN COMPILATION CHALLENGE. She is one of the many great bloggers who help create a friendly blogging community where you will find inspiration and support as you create your own posts.

Di sent in a photograph of the Macaroni Cheese she had made for her husband alongside the pasta dish she made for herself, which containedĀ chopped tomatoes, an onion and some green beans, garlic and italian herbs. This is Di’s post where she told us all about the two pasta dishes:


hubby's McCheese

my pasta

I was so touched that Di made two different pasta dishes for her and her husband. Di, Jack and I had a long conversation because he keeps on insisting that he is happy to eat vegetarian food. I am vegetarian you see. But I know that Jack loves eating meat. He particularly loves Greek style slow roasted lamb. He has spent a lot of time over in Greece. He also lived in France for some time and I know some of his favourite French dishes are very meaty.

I keep telling him that I would be more than happy to cook meat for him and have a meat-free dish alongside him. But he seems to think it would be too much trouble. Goldfinch was exactly the same by the way. But after showing Jack Di’s photos, I told him – that is love! We can work it out as we go along, but I want to be like Di…and make a dish he enjoys as well as making something suitable for myself. Aaaah! Sigh! Thanks so much Di for your wonderful photos and a beautiful lesson in love!


Macaroni Cheese Dreams

I had a restless night dreaming about things that are bad for me.

mac and cheese

Macaroni cheese, ice-cream, tiramisu, cheesecake, clotted cream and jam on scones.

I love all of these and yet I am really not at all good with dairy. They would seriously make me suffer. Dreaming about my inner secret cravings…cheesy fondue…melted cheese with Worcestershire sauce on toast…battered halloumi…left me tossing and turning all night.

Aaaaah! I have so much to do today, but I am dozy and I have panda eyes because of my macaroni cheese dreams.

Must have a nap before greeting my Goldfinch.