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I Was Not Expecting Sprouts


When I am in a hurry, it is easy to forget to pack everything into my backpack for work. I work in so many different areas and on different projects, so there are always different items I need to take.

I forgot my lunch the other day. But I remembered everything else I needed for the day which was great. I had made some pasta salad for lunch and then left it in the fridge in my hurry to get out of the house.

So I had to buy myself some lunch. Only the area where I was working has a choice of posh cafes and artisan bakeries. I realized that I was going to have to spend more than I wanted on my lunch 😦  Oh well, once in a blue moon is alright.

I opted for PAUL, simply because there was no queue. I didn’t have long before I needed to be at work. I looked at the vegetarian choices hoping there was one without dairy (that normally means I buy vegan). I saw a vegan baguette and asked for that one.

Three hours later I actually was able to sit down and eat my lunch. Well…what I surprise I had. It turned out the main feature of the baguette I had bought was Brussel sprouts. Ah-hah! Sprouts – along with carrots, pickled red cabbage, chestnuts – apparently there were also hummus, spinach and two kinds of preserves, a chutney and a jam, all packed into a delicious bread. I tasted the cranberries in the bread, but when I checked the website, it turns out that sage and onion were in there too.



Who would have thought that Brussel sprouts in a baguette could be so delicious. It was a scrumptious vegan roast dinner in perfect bread. Flavours to drool over. Aaaaah sigh! I was so glad to have forgotten my pasta salad afterall.

Best sandwich I have had all year in fact!

Goldfinch Wants, Goldfinch Gets – No Complaints Allowed

Goldfinch has had an issue at work.

They have a staff canteen where he is based and he went through a stage where at lunch time he fancied the soup of the day offer, which was something like £1.50 for a bowl of soup and a bread roll.

On that section of the canteen you serve yourself and fill your own bowl.  Well Goldfinch, being a six foot one inch fine and handsome specimen of a man, filled his bowl right to the brim.

Well…the canteen staff noticed he was filling his bowl right to the brim and took umbridge at this. They complained about him.

When I heard I was outraged.  I would have happily marched up to his work premises and gone to pay a visit to the canteen staff and told them to make sure that my Goldfinch gets exactly what he wants.

I have no greater pleasure than cooking and baking for my gorgeous Goldfinch…and I jolly well make sure his bowl or plate or glass are always filled to the brim (with seconds waiting to go if he desires them).

Canteen ladies…how dare they complain about Goldfinch?  The rotters!  Feed my Goldfinch, he needs lots of energy to come and visit me in London.