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Little Miss Sunshine Has Feelings

Do you ever feel as if someone has been enjoying your loveliness and sweetness and assuming that they could push and push you and you could not possibly be anything but Little Miss Sunshine?

There is a limit to how much you can push and push someone who is intrinsically lovely before they decide that they cannot do this anymore.  They might just stand up one day and say “that is enough…now that I have been crushed, I am going to remove myself so that I can start to breathe again.”

I have heard it said, “watch out for the quiet ones”…I would add to that “watch out for the lovely ones” because they too have their limits.

It is all fine, I am just a bit shocked at how much I allow others to presume on my loveliness at times.  I am going to sleep on it and not worry…tomorrow I will be Little Miss Sunshine once more…but right now, this is how I am feeling.  Let me get myself to bed!  It will all be alright in the morning!