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After The Trauma…The Treats Arrive

One of the most traumatic experiences in mundane life…is having a bra fitting. The Pandemic seemed to suspend bra fitting services for a long time, so I put up with older bras, and bought a couple of bras online that were the same size I was used to wearing.

But I knew things were not quite right. So…a few weeks ago….off I went for a professional bra fitting – and yes, it was as awful as ever, but the result – a perfectly fitting bra.

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

And…well, Jack noticed the difference. With his newfound knowledge of my up-to-date measurements, he decided that he would make a rather raise your eye brows purchase.

Jack buying me lingerie! I have to pinch myself. Seven years ago….what am I saying?…three years ago!!!…Jack and I were not on speaking terms. Now we are arguing about where to have our wedding reception.

The trauma…the trauma that awful time…it has passed…the celebration of Jack and me is a wonderful treat I want to linger in always.

I Think I Wasted Money On All That Lingerie

Please don’t ask me why! Please don’t ask me what the matter is. I don’t know how to explain it my friend.

I went shopping for you. I saved up so I could afford to go and buy new lingerie in the sales. I knew you would like that. I was so excited about seeing you. I was right to be excited. But you didn’t have time for my new lacy numbers. Your nimble fingers deftly removed every layer before you had chance to behold them.

over1So you never noticed the pretty matching lingerie sets or the bodices, or babydolls. The lace, silk and sheer fabrics in every colour of the rainbow were a waste of time and money.

In some ways it seemed flattering. That you didn’t have the patience to for my lacey fashion show. You seemed hungry for me. Day after day, night after night, you were in such a hurry, you never once saw me in my new lingerie.

I wish you had. I wish you had taken the time to look at me. Properly. Since I was thirteen I have hated all the lumps and bumps that make me a woman. But I wish you had taken the time to tell me they were beautiful. Someone else does that now. He tells me everytime he sees me.

The Girl On The Bed, Tenderness, SheetSomewhere along the line, I seemed to come to the conclusion that you didn’t want to look at me. Somewhere along the line, I started to feel there was something unattractive about me. My confidence was eroded gradually. It came to that awful point where I was embarrassed of you seeing anything of me. I wanted to hide myself away under the covers. I wanted to run from the bed to the shower hidden in my robe.

It’s not you. It’s my fault. I just kind of wish you had taken longer to gaze at me, maybe a few compliments would not have gone amiss. You showed me how you felt in a very physical way. But for some reason, I was sad that all that lingerie was a waste of time. I could have been wearing any old thing and you would not have cared – would you? You always said that clothes are a complete waste of time. But I didn’t realize that included pretty lingerie.

over.pngI loved every moment with you. Every moment. But I think I wasted money on all that lingerie. I am sorry I became shy. I don’t know why. You didn’t do anything to make me feel inadequate. It was just that you didn’t once look at me in my pretty lingerie. You were always in such a hurry to peel off every layer.

I find it hard to accept that it is over. I still find myself looking at pretty lingerie in department stores, wondering what you would think of me wearing it. But you were never interested in seeing me in my lacy numbers. You couldn’t wait to see me in my “birthday suit” instead.

Someone else sees me in my pretty lingerie now. I have not been able to afford anything new since we started courting. But, I fear some of it is already a little shabby, frayed in places. When I have saved a little, I will go out and but some new lingerie. It won’t be a waste of money this time.