It’s The Final Countdown!!!

dfuygadsiSomething terribly exciting is happening at this very moment. The third and final part of The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series is in the process of being published. Thanks to my very good friend who helped me get my act together (I have been kind of busy of late you know) my manuscript is finally up on Amazon and we are waiting for it to go live! Paperback takes longer as many of you will know.

Part Three of Annabelle’s story is called “THIS VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME”. It is the conclusion to an epic emotional journey. I wish I had more time to double, tripple, quadruple check, edit and scrutinise…but that will have to come later. Amazon lets you make little tweaks to your manuscript whenever you realize something is not quite right (thank goodness!)

If you take a look at the preview, I am sad to say the foreword is missing! It will be added as soon as Amazon allows me to update the manuscript, but here it is for you in the meantime. (Possible spoilers if you never read the story as I was publishing it chapter by chapter. I have tried not to give away anything too significant!)

If you have been travelling with Annabelle along her epic emotional journey, then welcome back to the third and final part of The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series. We have come a very long way!

In Part One, we found out that Annabelle, the beauty of Blackwood, who had caught the attention of Chris Ward, was hiding what she hated about herself. It took some time for Chris to learn and understand the concequences of Annabelle’s decisions. He supported Annabelle as she began to try to undo some of the damage she felt she was responsible for and to make peace with her past.

In Part Two, we saw Annabelle grow from strength to strength. Annabelle and her estranged partner began to build towards a future together. After years of feeling unsettled and lost, Annabelle finally found a home for herself, a place and a person with whom she felt she belonged.

What will Part Three have in store for Annabelle? As you join her on “THIS VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME”, be sure that Annabelle is going to expand her horizons as a LEARNER AT LOVE!

Just a reminder…Parts One and Two are already available on Amazon. So, if you do want to read them in order (which kind of makes sense to be honest)…all three parts are waiting for you.