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Well I Never!

You may (or not) remember I have been working myself up into a right old tizzy about a three stage job interview.

I had a total confidence crisis…and started to feel totally pathetic…(don’t worry, I know a job interview does not define my worth, but the drama was was all getting to me).

I did say I would let you know the result, but I am still trying to get over it….

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…and when I say “get over it”….what I mean is, get over the shock.


I was not just surprised, but shocked when I received a phone call offering me the job. Well I never! It’s a funny old world.

Slightly mixed feelings….I love the team I work with….but this is a step I need to take for all sorts of reasons. Jack has been discussing these reasons with me for ages, and because I am both an extremely content person and a proper trooper, I have kept going, pushing my body, and just about covering my rent and food bills for the week, with a very little bit left. Jack has tried to tempt me to work for friends of ours in North London who have businesses, but I really like my little nest, and until we are married I want to stay here.

So there is a change ahead of me. It will be good for me physically. I am hoping not to be as exhausted. But it will be demanding in other ways. I do have almost ten years of experience in this field, but I have not worked in this area for a few years, so there will be lots of catching up to do. The good thing is, the two interviewers who I will be working with, well they seemed very appealing, and I feel very positive about that.

Adjusting Your Route

Have you ever taken a different route that normal? Just for the sake of it? I followed this suggestion made by a colleague (as part of a list of things to do set you on a positive start to the year) and I had the happy coincidence to bump into a very good friend of mine who I have not seen for ages!!

It was so great to see her. We shared our news with each other, and we both had so much news. What a very happy chance meeting. She is such a special person, such a hard working, humble, sweet natured, kind, thoughtful, funny, lovely person. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see her!

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

In other news….I had the last stage of the interview process today…..and now I wait. I understood that it would probably be next week when a decision is communicated. Until then, I need to make sure I don’t think about it too much.

I ought to sleep now.

Awaiting The Verdict

Last night, I tried to relax and unwind before the last stage of my interview (which will happen whether I am ready or not!), but for some reason I ended up watching the BBC News Channel.

Goodness – no matter how stressful the interview process for a job is – it is nothing compared to what some rather high profile men in this country are dealing with.

I don’t want to offer up my opinion on some of the dramas that are causing a whirlwind of reaction. But it feels as if there is a big finger pointing at two different men, two very different situations, and as if onlookers are slightly baffled by the response of each of these individuals.

Pointing, Finger, Gesture, Index Finger

I have heard an expression a lot in the past couple of years – “the court of popular opinion”. No matter what occurs next….with regards to civil investigations, reports, police enquiries into possible criminal offences or breaches of law….I suppose the “court of popular opinion” refers to a situation when a lot of onlookers or witnesses have totally lost respect for the accused, lost confidence in them, and have become doubtful as to their integrity and trustworthiness.

I do wish I had not turned the news on. However, it certainly distracted me from my own concerns. Seeing the utter messy sticky trap that is developing around two men who seem to have played their cards very foolishly….well, it makes my worries look rather insignificant.

On a completely different note….a friend of mine had this lovely idea….and although it was not something I personally wanted to put my name to, I helped her work on her idea. She has come up with a pudding – a pudding I think is quite delicious and I think anyone would. She wanted to submit it for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We talked it over and I suggested a couple of tweaks, which she loved, and then I helped her with the story behind the idea and the significance of all the ingredients and how they relate to the Queen’s legacy. She is ever so talented, and she is the type of person who I think would be a brilliant representative as a royal baker.

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This is not her idea….by the way…just a pretty Pixabay picture to decorate this post. But if her adorable idea is featured to celebrate decades of enduring being in the public eye throughout all manner of challenges and crises, well, I am sure I will be letting you know that my friend thought up something truly delicious and worthy of someone who has won respect due to her public decorum.

Amazing! Literally…Amazed!

Well….what a week it has been so far. It has certainly been eventful. Here is a quick re-cap:

  • I had a job interview on Monday
  • In case you were wondering, I had technical difficulties and the assessments that were part of that interview completely confused me and I think it must have been pretty obvious that I was lost!!
  • I felt downhearted and slightly embarrassed on Monday evening that I had been so terrible with the assessments.
  • I had to check Jack understood his instructions and itinerary for the following day (our friends’ wedding)
  • I went to stay over with friends who the night before the wedding
  • I woke up on Tuesday and started getting myself ready and helping my dear friend get ready for her wedding
  • I received the most astonishing phone call, communicating I had not done as badly as I expected with the assessments and inviting me to the last stage of the interview. (AMAZING!!!)
  • We made our way to the registry office….Jack was nowhere to be seen!
  • I received a phone call from Jack, who was with a friend transporting the dolled up mobility scooter that was so essential to the wedding ceremony, saying they were stuck in traffic!
  • A friend of ours managed to come up with an ingenious solution to the lack of mobility scooter.
  • The wedding began (minus Jack and the sparkly mobility scooter).
  • Jack arrived before the vows and slipped in next to me
  • After the wedding ceremony and some photographs, the groom carried his bride out to the mobility scooter so she could give it a turn around the courtyard
  • We went back to a friend’s house for their reception – beautiful!

What an eventful week it has been so far!!! I am still amazed that after I thought I did disastrously with the assessments, I was invited to the last stage of the interview process. I still expect there are other candidates who are very worthy of this role, and have more qualifications and more up-to-date experience than myself. However, at the end of the day, the interviewers are also considering other factors, the character and qualities someone displays, and how well they will fit in with the team that are already in place. It is right and important for them to pick someone who they believe will fit in well, and be a positive contribution to the team. Something must have made them think I might potentially fit that bill. I have to be relaxed that at this last stage, I have to be relaxed with myself and also relaxed that they will pick the person who is right for their team.

Blond, Blonde, Girl, Mobile Phone

LIFE – so full of twists and turns, highs and lows, challenges and joys, battles and victories – and ever so many surprises!!! I think it is important to get out there and LIVE LIFE, because you never know what is around the corner.

What Would You Say To Encourage Someone?

I have scheduled this post to be published early in the morning….but I will only have chance to read any comments this evening. But I have a big scary day today – INTERVIEW (AAAAAAAGHH!) – and so I am wondering if I may kindly ask you a favour.

What would you say to someone who faces a disappointment?

A failure?

A rejection?

I don’t know for certain that will be the outcome….however, I am sure there is a lot of interest for this role, and I am also sure there will be other candidates with more qualifications than I. So frankly, I would be pleasantly astonished if I was selected!

I have a feeling that by Monday evening, after the interview is over, I will feel a little downhearted, so I am hoping so much you may have been able to share a few words that you would impart to someone to cheer them up after a disappointment. I would be so grateful…xx

I will make sure Monday evening is a chill out time – I know there will be a sense of relief to have the interview out of the way.

Scoptophobia? Atychiphobia? Catagelophobia?

I spent much too long checking if there is an official term for the fear of interviews. I could not find one. The three phobias above may perhaps relate to this unreasonable panic I am feeling now that I have been invited to the second stage of an interview process for a job that looks ideal for me.

The job I have applied for – I have ten years experience in that field….but I have not worked in that sector for a few years. I am applying for it because it is part-time and local. I am sure there will have been a lot of interest in this post.

I am not insecure, and yet, the moment I am invited to an interview I start to panic! Perhaps the main reason for my confidence crisis at the moment is the gap since I last worked in this area. But look at what I have achieved during the Pandemic. I had to learn completely new tasks and complete training courses in record speed in order to fill a need. I did great!

I should be able to go back into a field in which I have so much experience and catch up. I can read, I can study, I can learn. Why on earth am I panicking?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Breathing Easy After Escaping The Big Chokey Smoke

I have just been for my second interview of the day.  It lasted hours!  It wasn’t like one of those big group interviews when they invite a hundred students and ask them what kind of animal or superhero they would liken themselves to.  It was just me, on my own…let’s ask her three hundred obscure questions.

What is all that about?  To be honest, the interviewer had such an astonishing poker face, I have no idea what he thinks of me, whether he thinks I will suit the role.

There was a stage when a thought ran through my mind:

“If this is the interview before I ever start the job…can you imagine what team meetings must be like???”

I am so exhausted by that marathon interview that I think that for me it is a no…the interview has completely put me off that role, even though it is for a much larger salary.


Photo Credit: carloyuen @ pixabay.com

But there was something else…as I was leaving I started to get a feel for the area where the business is based.  There are government buildings down one side of the road and tourist attractions all the way down the other.  Right in the heart of Pea-soup City.  The  middle of the big chokey smoke.  Now I am breathing easy after escaping the mire and murk of the City Centre.

It was the murky air that I noticed first…and then the putrid fumes of rose petal tuna fish peppery puffs wafting from the roll ups held by various individuals leaning against walls.  I can still smell it in my hair and on my dress.

The interview was draining, the area was dingy…I did not like it.  I took 46 minutes to travel there, 52 minutes on the return journey.  I am just sure that this is not going to work.  And after the interview went so well this morning, what can I say?

I don’t want to travel into the middle of the big smoke every day…it’s yucky.  I think I am happier working in a relatively more easy-going London suberb.

Aaaah…well this is what interviews are all about.  They have the chance to scrutinise you and, I guess you also have the chance to suss them out and detect if they are going to make your life miserable.

I just remembered I have a post all about interviews:




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Thank you to  The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith for another beautiful photo prompt.


And…yuck it was still hot….hot in the city…tonight…

…which of course brought this back to mind…