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The Music Man Is In The House

Around this time every weekend, a very important post appears on WordPress. Many of you will know the name Jim Adams (aka Newepicauthor) who faithfully hosts a party every single week. Jim the creator of A Unique Title For Me, hosts the hugely popular SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY. This week he has very kindly chosen a baking/picnic theme for SLS as you will see as soon as Jim’s post is published.

But as well as hosting one of the best musical events on WordPress, Jim is also a true talent in the kitchen. You may have heard whispers of his legendary bean casserole (a Thanksgiving must have), but Jim has another hearty dish up his sleeve. Jim made this delicious Pastitsio, that is layered with pasta, spiced meat and parmesan-flavored custard.

This was the post Jim published sharing the secret recipe to his sensational dish:



I think many of you know SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and love taking part every week. But if you have never visited Jim’s SLS posts…I thought I would give you a little idea of what it is like when a huge number of bloggers all post a song of their choice in response to Jim’s chosen theme!!! There are some of us who cannot stay away!!!

I am sure Jim would be more than happy for me to extend the invite to all WordPress bloggers…every Sunday, there is a party waiting for you. So make sure you look out for Jim’s SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY post and check out the long list of bloggers who will post their song choice for the week!