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Grazie Bello!

So much of television is an almighty waste of time, and frankly harmful. But I do like foodie programs. I do. I admit it. And I have found a show that is new to me. BBC 2 are showing a CNN production, Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy.

I enjoyed watching the first in the series on BC i-player last night that looked so appealing, I had to play back the video twice and note the details down. Spaghetti alla Narrano – courgette and pasta perfection.

From the Style Capital Of The World

I am very proud to present the BAKING creation of a very talented  young woman who is great fun and very hard-working. She is also has impeccable style Рwhich you would expect as she is from glorious Italy! Here is a personal message from Elena:

Hi everyone,

Gallery, Milan, Italy, ArchitectureI’m Elena and I am from Italy, but I have been living in London for 5 years now.

I am quite new to the ‘baking world’ as I only started baking during the lockdown, and I have to say that it was a good way to distract myself from what was going on. I also had time to find other hobbies, but baking and cooking are my favourites.

I enjoyed trying new recipes and making my housemates taste some of the most traditional Italian dishes and cakes, although I also challenged myself to try making some English specialties.

For this Bake-Off, I decided to bake a ‘raspberry tart with custard, raspberry jam and white chocolate on a chocolate base‘.¬†

I would recommend this cake as a dessert after lunch or dinner to impress family or friends especially over Summer.

It is a shame that you can’t have a slice.

Elena! That is exactly how we feel! I am sure our BAKE-OFF judge, kitchen guru Jeanne, feels exactly the same way!


I knew that when Elena baked, it would not only taste delicious but it would look amazing! She has so much style, and as you can see her baking has great style too!

Love To Italy

Italy, Sea, Houses, Cinque Terre

I keep thinking of my friends in the north of Italy. Many of them have lost family and are finding the shutting down of normal life around them hard to bear. I am trying to keep in touch with them in my non-working hours. Many of them have amazing resilience and remarkable faith. We have had some very touching discussions over the past couple of weeks.

Many countries have been affected severely by both the …you know and all of the social distancing restrictions that were put in place. But whenever I watch the news, it always seems that Italy has had a ferocious battering in this storm.

It makes me sad because it is such a beautiful land, with such lively gregarious people, such extraordinary architecture and art and such delicious food. My heart has been with Italy throughout these past few months – especially with my dear friends over in the north of Italy who have suffered loss.