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Bendy Like A Salted Twisty Bobcat Kind Of Pretzel

bcatWhat do you get if you cross a bobcat and a salted pretzel?

I tried not to talk about him too much, but it has always been helpful to get things off my chest when I felt rattled because of the situation the man you know as Jack, my ex-flatmate. It was interesting, if not helpful, to hear Goldfinch’s unbiased impartial opinion.

The thing is…when you are still in love with someone, it isn’t easy to laugh at them.

bendyIt did occasionally upset me to hear a negative opinion of him. But I know Goldfinch was trying to help me see in the harsh light of reality. And I suppose Goldfinch was right. Except, it turns out, the reality is my ex-flatmate never stopped thinking of me. Astonishing!

During conversations with Goldfinch about my ex-flatmate, one of the things he said to lighten the mood was that in all likelihood Jack was probably terrible in bed. That did make me laugh I have to admit.

Well…it turns out that statement was also incorrect. But that of course is nobody else’s business 😉  I just thought about the clip from the movie “Two Weeks Notice”. If you have no idea why I refer to salty twisty bobcat pretzels…the clip will explain everything!