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Caramel Cuddles

I like Jack being back.


These months of working long hours and not seeing anyone have made me feel like I am not me anymore. But holiday time is a great chance to recover and win back some of me. It is also wonderful because after months and months without any hugs at all…now I am the recipient of lots of hugs and cuddles! It’s great!

I Need A Hug

Paula Light, the creator of Light Motifs II hosts the MONDAY PEEVE (I know it is Thursday today) and invites us all to join along as you can see from this week’s post below:


Well, it’s double trouble from me this week. last night, I published the first part of my peeve. This is to explain what else has been eating at me.

Rough, Day, Hard, Tired, Dirty, WomanOk…I will tell you. I am working at least six days a week. On top of that, I have been enrolled on a course because I have started to do work I am not technically qualified for. Some of my colleagues are on furlough. They made the right decision for them. I am working extra hours, as my other colleagues at work are. But we are tired.

We are working hard. It’s not just the physical work and the long hours that are tiring. We are hearing all the stress and anxiety from our patients and their families. I am sending money to family who have lost work during recent weeks. I am very happy to do that. I am doing my bit to support and encourage everyone I know. I am helping my landlords with grocery shopping (have been doing so for weeks), gardening and lots of other domestic tasks. In addition I have my own housework and laundry to keep up with. I have also managed to finish my Annabelle Riley series and seen the third and final part published (yay!!!)

But with all this…the truth is, I am tired. My longed for holiday to Australia is not going to happen. My boyfriend is in Africa having the time of his life. I have not had a hug from anyone in over three months đŸ˜¦

iedfljbhvdThere was a mistake at work. It didn’t involve a life or injury to anybody. It’s a case of money down the drain. It involved stock and the loss of money. There was no dishonesty involved. In truth the responsibility for the mistake is split. It happened on a day I was not at work. But the next day it was brought to my attention. I did not understand that at that point I could have done something about it. I had so much other work thrown at me, so I didn’t think to worry myself about something that happened on a day I was cleaning and ironing.

I am annoyed at myself that after all the weeks of hard work and going the extra mile day after day, I came home completely deflated. I was sobbing because I didn’t understand that I could have prevented the loss of all that money. If I had understood what to do, I could have done something about it. Now we all look like idiots. But we are so busy. So we have bled a lot of money. The main cause was computers. Computers automatically creating invoices based in inaccurate stock levels.

Woman, Girl, Sadness, I Feel Sorry ForBut the point is, I am annoyed because after all the good good good things I have done with care and a smile on my face and a heart of love…all I felt was deflation on discovering that we just bled a small fortune. I wanted to cry. I did cry. Why is it, that even when you have done so much to help others with the best of motives, something falls through the net and when you realize all you can think about is the mistake, the missed opportunity.

I don’t like it, but my teenage sweetheart’s father always used to say:


…in other words, that is all our mind can think about sometimes. My heart is so heavy and I feel so deflated, that despite all the hard work and wonderful cooperative spirit at work, we bled all that money…partly because we are all so busy and so tired and because technology is not reliable.

I need a hug!

I Would Love An Eiderdown

cover.jpgIt was so cold last night! We were shivery and snuggling into each other (it’s cute isn’t it!) to keep warm. He jumped up and started looking through drawers and the wardrobe for extra blankets and he found an eiderdown. It’s years since I have seen a proper eiderdown. I think bed spreads and throws are perhaps more common nowadays.

This eiderdown was so cute! Pretty flowers and flouncy fabric. And it did provide a lovely extra hug of warmth. It made the whole room take on a chintzy feel. I liked it.

Back in my little nest in London, and I am expecting another chilly night. I would love an eiderdown! I would also like him to keep me warm, but he still has not been to my little abode. We are planning a stayover in a couple of weeks time, when we both have some time off. I can cook and bake for him in my own residence. It will be interesting.

spread.jpgI have a fleecy blanket that rests on my sofa, but it is quite small. So I pulled out of storage the big white bedspread that I have. It is a huge thing. Not only does it cover the bed, but it drapes all over the floor, not really letting the tiniest draft in.

It’s lovely to be all wrapped up, “snug as a bug in a rug”, under that enormous bedspread…it is a pain to make the bed neatly in the morning, but that is a small price to pay for being so cosy warm during the chilly nights. I have to remember those hazardous corners too. I have often tripped on the corners when I have been rushing.

The cold is descending. Summer is long gone, which is sad. But I do realize that the darkness is our ally. It is easier for him and I to get about when it is too dark for anyone to really notice him.

him hugThe cold is not so unromantic either. When it is freezing outside, the solution seems obvious: HUGS. He gives the best hugs. They are proper bear hugs, he could easily break one of my ribs I am sure! But it is great…it feels as if he wants to communicate just how much he has in his heart, and he does it by squeezing his arms around me so tight, that it really is hard to catch my breath.

Anyway…I am still dwelling on the thought of having an eiderdown on my bed. He had a sixties playlist on his phone, and he played it because he knows we both love sixties music. This song was on it…which is probably why I am thinking of covers! I had not heard it before. I knew the phenomenal voice instantly. But when he dropped me off near here this morning, I googled the lyrics…so so so sweet!!!

Cover me, cover me
Spread your precious love all over me
Oh, can’t you see the need in me?
Oh, cover me, cover me

Hide me, hide me
Where no other can find me
Oh, I’m feeling cold, I need you so
Oh, cover me, cover me

Girl, my love for you gets stronger everyday
Oh, temptation might be waiting ’round the way
When I’m lost and I get led astray
Find me, find me
Kiss every little tear that blinds me
Oh darling, I don’t want to lose you
Oh, find me

Stay with me, stay with me
Baby, make it all the way with me
Oh, everyday and every way
Stay with me, you stay with me

Cover me, cover me
Spread your precious love all over me
Oh, can’t you see the need in me?
Oh, cover me, cover me

Cover me, cover me
Spread your precious love all over me
Oh, can’t you see?

Written by: Eddie Hinton and Marlin Greene