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Bun Baby Bun!

I am just going to shout out to the lovely bloggers who are still sending me photos of their BAKING and PICNIC creations – you are all fabulous and yes I will make sure we add you you the party! Yes, I will forward your photos to our wonderful judge Jeanne! I had a feeling there may be some last minute submissions!!! I am here by the way…and Jack is looking after me by making me drinks. But all morning I have been preparing more new posts with the photos I woke up to this morning!! Fitting every blogger in is such a wonderful problem to have!

robbiesinspiration Robbie, the creator of Robbie’s inspiration, sent me her gorgeous photos weeks ago! I love the variety of BAKES she came up with, which all look so yummy! She has supplied us with one treat after another! You will see more of Robbie’s BAKING throughout the weekend! I have a feeling we would never go hungry if we part of Robbie’s family.

These are Robbie’s Hot Cross Buns:


You know exactly why I have linked Robbie’s Hot Cross Buns to this great party track – don’t you. If you listen very carefully, they are singing “Bun Baby Bun”…yes, I wouldn’t make something like that up!

Any excuse to carry on the partying!!