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Zorbing For Safety Purposes

Girl, People, Tenderness, WomanGetting to and from work is becoming a challenge on a Saturday. I feel like painting a big sign with a notice to say I am on my way to my work and am part of the NHS – so please let me through – and please stay two metres away from me because I will be dealing with people who are already sick.

It’s awful to see people displaying such appalling behaviour. Here I find myself feeling threatened and afraid of the same people who may have been clapping for the NHS every Thursday for the past couple of months.

Hey peeps – I have been stuck doing overtime for almost six months. I would be glad to be able to get to and from work safely. Violence on the streets of London – like we needed that!

Zorb, Zorbing, Rolling Downhill, SphereI want one of those zorb thingies. Never mind being in a support bubble. I want a big biodegradable plastic bubble that means I am protected from people throwing things in all directions and screaming all sorts of angry chants. I have no idea who is who – just that they are all angry. None of them seem to look as if they have any solutions to offer – just anger and hatred.

Haven’t you read the book? It was all written in advance. While you read it, could you leave a safe route for me to get to work – please. There are some very sick people we are looking after. It would help if I arrived at work in one piece.