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If They Did It We Can

Virus, Corona, World, Coronavirus, AlertI keep hearing all sorts of weird and wonderful comments from people who are worried about …you know… and the possible scenarios that we may soon be faced with here in Britain. Some are cool headed, others are far from calm, whereas there are others who just seem plain childish.

Well…to zone out of what I hear around me, I decided to read a report about the steps both authorities and individuals took during a devastating outbreak of ebola in West Africa in recent years.

One key strategy was information about how this infectious disease was transmitted. Accurate information was vital in dispelling fears and helping people understand why certain changes were being asked of them.

peraasI was really moved by what I read. People did make the changes asked of them. Many self-isolated for 21 days if they had been in contact with a sufferer of ebola or attended the funeral of someone with ebola. Public greetings changed to avoid hand shaking and hugging. Infrared thermometers were used to check the temperatures of people. People were trained in how to wash their hands thoroughly with a bleach solution. If those millions in West Africa obeyed and cooperated, so can we.

Over 3,500 years ago an incredible set of laws was passed on to a people who were essentially camping in tents. They would have been very vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases. A significant part of that law code was about how to keep clean and how to deal with infectious diseases. It had detailed requirements on cleanliness and quarantining. It was an enormous protection to the people who obeyed it.


Thousands of years later and the wisdom in that ancient law is still the biggest aid to dealing with the spread of the infectious virus we face today. The advice on cleanliness and quarantining is essential. It is vital to cooperate with these instructions when we are asked to do so. It is not just about protecting yourself, it is about protecting others who may be more vulnerable than you are. Just think – every time you wash your hands, you could be saving a life!

Do not take risks that could cost the lives of others!

Hands, Soap, Bubbles, Hygiene, WashThere are some strange attitudes I have heard. Someone said to me that karma will decide what happens. Someone else said that you cannot change destiny. I have heard others say that life on earth is just a test and we are prisoners here. I love the scriptures, but I can’t bear those who misuse the scriptures to claim this is divine punishment.

These attitudes do not help. Life is a precious gift. This planet is a beautiful home. Our habits and attitudes can improve or harm both our lives and those of others. Do not take obedience lightly. Listen and obey – it is important to do so. We are going to protect our volunteers, especially those of our volunteers who are most at risk. Why? Because we love them!

I cannot emphasise enough! The wisdom in that law is still the best protection we have against disease today:

  • Cleanliness

  • Quarantining

 Listen and obey. Please do so, for it will help save lives!!!

Your obedience is a reflection of your love and your appreciation for the value of life.

We love you all!

Not For Love Nor Money

Now I understand the level of concern after the media reports on the alarming rate of infection of the coronavirus. I have seen the news reports and of course I’ve been emailing all of my friends who live over in China to check how they are.


But we are struggling at work here in London. We have long queues at the surgery, and half of those waiting to see us just want to know where they can obtain surgical masks. The demand here in England is not usually very high. You don’t often see people wearing them. Suddenly, lots of people want them. They are anxious.

Woman, Blow, Blowing, Nose, Hand ChiefWe have tried to obtain surgical masks for the practice and we cannot. Not for love nor money can we get hold of any! We have been told that many of the large pharmacy chains cannot order them. Some of the independent pharmacies seem to have had the foresight to stock them, however the demand has been greater than anticipated, so they have depleted their stocks.

We were told to direct patients to Amazon. But we looked on Amazon and the Fortuna surgical masks that have been recommended were showing as only available at the end of February.

In the meantime our patients are anxious. Most of them are either planning to travel to South East Asia or wish to send masks over to family who live in lands with restrictions and cannot buy face masks in their area. We are discussing hand washing good hygiene with patients who are anxious, but we don’t know what to say with regards to facemasks.