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Not Just Grapes…M&S Grapes

I have been shopping at Marks And Spencer’s Food Halls more this year than ever before. During the height of the shopping chaos that this spring was…I found that I had to find different locations to shop. When I arrived at M&S I found that they had a lot of fresh produce, whereas some of the other supermarkets had very little.

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Well…during the past few months I have fallen in love with the selection of grapes to be found at Marks And Spencer’s. They are not just grapes…M&S grapes are delicious. Currently I have a packet of “Strawberry Grapes” in my fridge. They are tiny little red grapes packed with sweetness, a little bit of a strawberry flavour.

The first grapes I was hooked by were there Muscat grapes – yummy yummy yum! But then every week I would nip in to the local store to investigate what was on the shelves. I discovered Sable grapes, Melon grapes, Tutti Frutti grapes and then Candyfloss grapes. The Candyfloss grapes were so delicious. They tasted like candy floss. Aaaaah! Happy Caramel!