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Sandwiched In Between A Wedding Reception And A Murder Mystery Weekend

On Saturday, I was very excited to be heading to meet Goldfinch for another lovely weekend with him.  A very comfortable hotel in Ansty, on the outskirts of Coventry was our destination.

I have to admit, my mind has been dominated by the conversation Goldfinch and I had about my ex-flatmate…but I am going to shelve that, and concentrate on all the wonderful memories I enjoyed with Goldfinch.  Why should I allow my ex-flatmate to encroach on my time with Goldfinch?

The hotel had a lot going on when we arrived.  While we were checking in, I heard this song playing in the function room next door:

I would have been more than happy to gate-crash the wedding just to be able to take a turn on the dance floor to that fun little tune!

The receptionist smiled and told us that as well as the wedding, there was also a murder mystery weekend going on at the same time.  Goldfinch laughed, “A murder mystery at the wedding?”  Nope, two separate events, but within the same hotel.

After coming second in The Snifty Sleuth series recently, I was almost thinking I could sneak into the murder mystery weekend:


We safely avoided both and headed up to the room, both of us pretty exhausted after working long hours all week.  I sometimes worry that when I do see Goldfinch, I am so worse for wear after the hours I have been working, I am not the best company for him.  But I think he too was ready to just collapse into bed and enjoy how comfortable everything was.


On Sunday we headed into the city to an event that a man on the train had told me all about – the Godiva Festival in Coventry’s Godiva Park.

My tablet is being disagreeable.  But, when it does decide to behave, I hope to load up a few more photos from Coventry’s Godiva Festival which kept us entertained for several hours on Sunday.

Tony ChristieNow, I have been to quite a few festivals in my time…hmm hmm.  But I was not expecting to find this chappy.  Due credit, he certainly was well received by his audience.

I think Goldfinch was scratching his head wondering how it was that Tony Christie received such a warm reception from the audience – I got him to look at YouTube and he saw the Peter Kay video for Comic Relief.

I took a short video myself, but you cannot see much because there were too many people in front of us, but this is Tony Chistie nine years ago at Glastonbury singing before another massive audience.

Well…it is time I was fast asleep.  I have been reading lots of posts and trying to catch up with other bloggers.  But now, my eyes need to close and I need to drift away.