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I Borrowed Another Credit Card

I have been the recipient of another wave of generosity this week and so I realize it is incumbent on me to continue the giving craze that Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith began. So as well as the latest gift that I have received, I have three more gifts for three other bloggers below.

This week, Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! gave me a very thoughtful gift as you can see below:

“With Goldfinch currently not there to make her day a sparkle, l got her these. a Complete set of carefully disguised as decoration baubles, but they are actually a set of ‘Everyday is a Glitter Shower Day!’ Yep, you can programme to explode when you need them the mostest and they will cover you from head to foot in a special glittery pixie dust and they ensure happiness!”


Well, so far so good Rory…I think… although next time I think I ought to wear goggles to protect my eyes in the shower.


So, as I never go into debt and refuse to have a credit card of my own, I have had to borrow another credit card (don’t tell Fandango!!! – I took it from the clothes he abandoned last time he went skiing) and so, I thought I would carry on with my generous streak.

The first gift today goes to Sandmanjazz, who I have only been following recently (I have not seen that picture by the way), but whom I believe likes a bit of jazz. So I am giving to him his own jazz club:

Then my next gift goes to My Dusty Flip-Flops, who is a fantastic travel blogger. So I have decided to buy the Lady Moura yacht along with it’s helicopter and smaller speedboat (kept within the hull) so that Dusty can set sail to various locations and write up super posts for us all to enjoy:

My last gift is for Jay-lyn Doerksen, the creator of The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom.

Jay-lyn has been very kind sending me very empathetic messages in recent months. She knows what it is like to have a long-distance relationship and I appreciate all of her lovely comments.

So to Jay-lyn I give a palace that she and her loved one can move into so that they can be together always and not separated by distance:

Well…before Fandango is back from the ski slopes and notices his credit card is missing, I better stop myself there.

Just Put It All On Teresa’s Credit Card

They do say that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. I am sure many of you are having just as much fun as I am at giving gifts to other bloggers who have cheered you up many a time this year. This was all started by Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith.

I have recently received a gift from Suze Suze, the creator of suziland too or obsolete childhood which was a very fitting contribution to my elongated goodbye homage to my beloved Goldfinch:


“…To Mel over at CrushedCaramel…

 who is having a truly difficult time saying goodbye to her beloved canary…

or is it a GoldFinch?…”


Well my first gift this time round is going to the britchy one the britchy one, the creator of  Bitchin’ in the Kitchen. Not only does she make me laugh all the time, she has a very sweet caring side to her and has often taken the time to send me a very kind message to cheer me up. Recently she has exalted me, giving me the special epitaph “the Caramel goddess” – which is a clear promotion from “the Caramel Queen” another blogger labelled me as some time ago.

Well, since the secret is out about my high up connections, I might as well flaunt it by being generous in my gift-giving. So to lovely Britchy I thought I would give a holiday home in Tenerife. It is big enough to take her whole family, if she chooses, and cats. Although, I would not advise letting the cats wander too far from the villa.

During your stays there, every morning the bakery next door will deliver fresh churros for breakfast:



My second gift would be for HistorianRuby HistorianRuby, the creator of HistorianRuby: An Historian’s Miscellany. Ruby’s site is full of fascinating posts about historical people, places, and events that have all had a knock-on effect to life as we know it today. She clearly loves to research and publishes beautiful posts that are an absolute joy to read.

I thought of giving Ruby The Time Machine from H.G. Wells, but I believe another blogger has already gifted it. So I am going to go one better. You probably know that in the “Back To The Future” movies, most of the time travel is done in the DeLorean car. However, right at the end of the third movie after the DeLorean is destroyed, the future of time travel appears – a train that has been modified for time travel. I think Ruby would know just what to do with this gift and I am sure she would write amazing posts as a follow up to her adventures!

And to enjoy with her family, I also give to Ruby some vintage wine from Teresa’s wine-cellar (what you have never heard about Teresa’s wine cellar before?):


I also saw something I wanted to give to Melanie B Cee Melanie B Cee, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind. Melanie is also a blogger who frequently cheers me up with very lovely comments.

I saw something that made me think of Hunny Dog:

However, Hunny Dog is not a blogger, it is just a little extra thrown in as I am putting all of this on Teresa’s credit card. For Melanie, I wanted to make sure that she had a matching boudoir so that Hunny Dog does not have nicer digs than Melanie.

I was also thinking that you are often busy with various commitments and appointments and you have at times had to deal with incompetent drivers who park in the wrong places etc. So I thought one of these royal sedan chairs may help:


From now on whenever you need to go out, just click your fingers and a complimentary team of well built muscular young men will appear, and they will carry you anywhere you need to go. They do need feeding though Melanie – they eat a lot – but since you are so great at looking after Hunny Dog, I am sure you will be able to feed your new “wheels”. They would be extremely happy with your sandwiches or home-made pizza!

When you don’t need them to carry the sedan chair, the guys are very helpful around the house. I have personally trained all of them in all house-keeping duties.

From now on, you will be given respect from others on the public highways. Parking will never be an issue again, as the sedan chair can be taken inside most buildings. They can take you right inside the building you are going to. They are not great on the stairs though, this model does not fit inside an average sized elevator. (Although it does just about fit into a maintenance elevator – but why would you want to travel in a maintenance elevator?)


There we go…that’s enough giving for one day!



Normally I Can’t Bear To Look

I had such a wonderful time with my sisters yesterday and I am looking forward to today just as much. Our time together will be over in a flash I am sure, and soon I will be longing to see them again.

Baker by Ted Baker - 'Girls' navy floral print dressI saw this dress and thought I would love to wear it myself…but it is only available in munchkin sizes. So I bought one in 18-24 months for my gorgeous niece.

Oh I do like spoiling them all.  I bought gifts for Mandy and Milly too. All sorts of goodies…chockies and a jar of this and a bottle of that.  I also bought Milly a new food processor as she was quite envious of mine last time she visited.  Aaaaah…so lovely to have the girlies with me for the weekend.

It is pouring down…so we are having indoor fun. Which is fine…lots of very nice things to do indoors.  All we want to do is chatter anyway!

Yesterday, they were telling me lots of news from my friends up north.  I have missed lots of weddings because it is just not possible to travel up north every other week.  They were telling me about two very very funny friends of ours who were married recently, both of the girls went along to the wedding and they had lots of photos and some videos which I loved seeing.

They had chosen to dedicate at least one evening each week for months to taking dance lessons so that they could wow everyone with their first dance at their wedding reception. Normally I can’t bear to look when a newly married couple stand up for their first dance. It can be so awkward…everyone watching.  I always look the other way so I don’t start giggling!

And they certainly did wow everyone!  I am not going to post a video of their first dance of course – I am sure they would not be happy about that…but to give you a little idea of their dance…

Oh my, I really do wish I had made it to that wedding!





Calling All Males – Help!!!

I need help…seriously.  I am throwing my plight upon all males out there and asking for genuine honest suggestions?  What do I buy as a gift for Goldfinch for a special event that is coming up soon?

I am totally stuck…my mind has drawn a blank.  I am looking through websites and none of them are helping.

He is in his forties.  He does not drink, or smoke, he likes art – but I have already bought him two art sets and given him my bakes and chocolates galore!  It can’t be an enormous or heavy gift as he is going back to Australia in three months.

I am not great with gifts anyway…but, at the moment I feel quite hopeless.  So tell me what would a man want as a gift???  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!!

The Dazzling Haunted Wordsmith Has Nominated Moi For The Sunshine Blogger Award!


I have been nominated by The Haunted Wordsmith for the Sunshine Blogger award, as you can see from her fantastic post below:


These awards are fun…and a great way to support each other’s blogs.  I loved Teresa’s questions and am pleased to be able use them in this post.  Below are the rules for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you.
  4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers you want to give the award to.
  5. Ask the following bloggers that you selected 11 questions of your own.

These are the questions The Haunted Wordsmith has asked her nominees:

  • Which Muppet, Sesame Street, or Jim Henson character is your favourite, and why?


Fraggle Rock is one of the first shows I remember watching.  For every obvious reason I wanted to be Red.  I loved her to bits!

I can hear the theme tune in my head now that I am thinking about Red.  I would love to have chance to watch all of the episodes over again.

  • What is your favourite time of day?

bedtimeI think I am going to have to be honest and say BEDTIME.  I used to be a morning person.  But since I received head injuries three years ago, I wake up each morning with pain in my head.  So nowadays,  mornings involve a regime of making myself ready able to face the day!  And getting through the day trying to ignore that my head feels as if it might split in half at any moment!

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the celebratory moment I have within myself each evening, The moment when I realize I have survived another day and it is perfectly acceptable to lay my heavy head on the pillow and drift away into sleep.  Almost every time I slip into bed, it is just as delicious as it was the night before.  Once I am horizontal, it takes me seconds to be unconscious.  If it was not for setting two alarms (I have even set a third on days I need to wake up for something important) I am not sure how long I would sleep for. Every now and then I have the chance to go to sleep and not have to wake up early.  I can easily sleep for more than twenty hours.

  • If you were to die today, what would you want for your last meal?

lasagna-garlicbreadI am going to admit that I have occasionally had the thought that the pain in my head was so intense that it could be my last day.  That sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it.  I am not a hypochondriac.  It’s just that I have been told it was a miracle I survived what happened to me the night I went to the park.  I have had several scares since then.

Now, we are not allowing ourselves to dwell on the negative, but I have often had reminders that I must make the most of every day!  Life is such a precious gift.  And I do…I know it sounds daft, but I have become just a bit more determined to make everyday a bit special.  I have occasionally thought to myself…this could be your last meal.  I know exactly what it would be…a vegetarian lasagne, with layers of spinach and ricotta cheese (or cannelloni) with a fresh salad and a wedge of garlic bread.  I love lots of dishes, but if I could choose, this would be my last meal.

  • If you could spend 24 hours anywhere and anytime where would it be and what would you want to do?


Does this answer the question?

  • Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, or something else?

Oooooh…in moderation I think I could cope with a little of the first two.  Doctor Who is a big no I am afraid.  My brother used to watch it when I was tiny and it terrified me.  I remember very literally hiding behind the sofa with my hands over my eyes.  Terrifying. I probably would not find it so frightening now.  But I was exposed to it at such a young age, it put me off for life.

Star Wars – hmmm.  I kind of like the epicness of it.  But there are a lot of very unbalanced characters within it – are there not?  I feel like sitting them down with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies and asking them if we can work through their issues together.  You know how sometimes parents have to confiscate mobile phones from their teenage offspring.  Well, if I were allowed into the Star Wars films, I would be confiscating light sabres until we all learnt to control our hissy fits.

So I guess of the three, it would be more likely Star Trek I guess…which surprises me as I do not consider myself a “Trekkie”.  But there are some interesting characters I can respect to an extent.  Especially Kathryn Janeway.  Finding yourself light-years away from home and having to keep your crew together and motivated to set a course for home.  Yeah – respect to her definitely.

  • What is your favourite musical?

I have seen it on stage at least twenty times.  I am not sure I can confess to it being my favourite musical, it’s just on stage the whole thing with the chandelier always excited me.  Please don’t tell Goldfinch, but I secretly like it, even though I am sick to the back teeth of having to go and see it with friends who visit London.   I don’t think I could sit through it again.

I am probably mad for saying it, but part of me wants Christine to choose to stay with the Phantom.  On stage I quite like the number “Masquarade”, but in the 2004 film I loved seeing these three familiar faces perform “Prima Donna”.

  • If you had to pick a single post written by someone else, what would it be and why?

Ooooooh…so many great posts.  Since I have been nominated by The Haunted Wordsmith I would like to share some of my favourites from her site.  The first post I ever read by Teresa Grabs, the genius behind The Haunted Wordsmith, was “The Interview”.  I love it still.




But what I love about Teresa’s site is that she is a prolific writer.  She never seems to tire of coming up with something new and fresh and she consistently publishes fiction that immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to keep reading right to the last word.  She is a pillar of the blogging community too.  I am sure many would agree with me.

  • Do you recycle?

Yes…we have to….we would be fined if we did not.

I was actually thinking of taking a photograph of my recycling box at this point…and then I asked myself why on earth you would want to see my recycling box???  Just getting a bit carried away with the pictures for this post.

  • If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be?

elevatorIf it was just one moment I could relive, it would be the last time I saw my ex-flatmate, before the night I was the victim of a crime.  I had pressed the button for the elevator and was waiting. The doors opened and he was there on his own.  He scowled at me with so much fury.  I stepped back.  There was no way I was going to be inside the elevator on my own with him.  I went out for a meal with friends.  Afterwards I did not feel I could return home, because I was scared to see him.

I have often thought about what I would change if I could relive that moment.  I am afraid that I really don’t have a clever answer.  But it would be something like this.   I almost feel I would fall at his feet and I would try to say something along the lines of:

Whatever it is that caused this…it really is not worth it.  If there was anything I could do to make this right, I would jump at the chance.  Anything…anything I have I would give for there to be peace between you and I.

  • If you could create anything, what would you create and why?

If I could design and create anything, it would be a shoe that looked elegant and feminine and I could wear with beautiful dresses…but had all the practicality and walk-ability of a pair of running shoes, but was just as comfortable as the snuggly booties I wear during the winter indoors.   Aaaaah.  Perfect!



  • What gift do you want most? What gift would you like to be able to give someone?

I don’t really like being given things.  Unless they are edible.  I have to be able to leave accommodation with short notice and move on to the next and fit everything into a suitcase.  So anything that won’t fit, I have to leave behind or take to a charity shop.  But I do like experiences.  If someone gifted me with horse-riding lessons, a scuba-diving course or a hot-air balloon ride (not on my own though, I would prefer to go with some of my nearest and dearest) I would be very excited.

Hmmm….gifts.  I am not brilliant with choosing objects as gifts I have to admit.  I always try to find out what a person really wants or likes.  If they want a kindle, sure I will buy them a kindle.  A gift should be what the recipient likes rather than what you like.  I prefer a paper book, to reading from a screen…but blogging involves reading from a screen…so it is growing on me.  But to me a piece of technology does not say “I think the world of you…and so I wanted to give you something special”.

candy chestThere was one gift that I planned for a family we were close to.  They were moving away and we wanted to give them a little goodbye.  I wish I had a photograph… I will have to describe it to you.  So I bought a small wooden chest.  I filled it with chocolate coins wrapped in gold and silver foil.  We also threw in chocolates wrapped in coloured foil which made them look like gem stones.  We put a few shells inside the chest and a toy crab.  I used some orange netting from some satsumas I had bought and put a toy fish inside the net.  We put an empty bottle inside and we wrote out a farewell message, which we aged with teabags and burning around the edges to make it look like an ancient scroll, rolled up and stuffed inside the bottle.  They loved it!

I have often been inspired to organize surprise parties and special tokens for GOODBYES…I find they really pull on my heart strings. Some of my friends have been very moved that I had managed to get so may of their nearest and dearest together without them knowing.  For me a GOODBYE is a real reason to get everyone together and show someone how much they are loved and how many people they have touched.  Then when they move on elsewhere (and they are bound to face challenges) they know how much they are loved and how many people are rooting for them.

My Nominees:

The world of Joy

Don’t Eat It! Soap and Skin Care

Morning Glory




My 11 Questions:

  1. I was thinking of inviting you over for a cheese and wine night (soft drinks available for those who do not indulge…Do you have a favourite type of cheese?

  2. Did you wear a school uniform?  What was it like?

  3. What’s your most embarrassing typo on your own blog posts?

  4. Do you like weddings?  Why? (Or Why Not?)

  5. Describe your perfect shoe / footwear?

  6. Do you like “abstract” art?  Could you please explain it to me?

  7. If you owned a shop, what would you be selling?

  8. Are you watching World Cup football?  Who do you think will win?

  9. Do you have any former school friends who are famous?

  10. Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

  11. If you were being a tourist for a day in London – where would you like to visit?

If you have been nominated, it is because I have loved your posts and these awards seem like a great way to say thank you for your support.

Have fun! Keep writing…or blogging I should say…and keep supporting each other.  Have a lovely Sunday (I am off to see Goldfinch).



One Of My Pathetic Attempts To Be Romantic

ChockiesI had been missing him intensely.  I wanted him to know how I felt, how much I loved him.  So I tried to do something romantic…and it did a backflip and blew up in my face!!!  Which is generally what happens when I try to do something romantic!

I will share with you my shameful tale of how I tried to do something relatively simple – send sweets to my sweet!  The tale of how this ended up being four times more expensive than originally planned and caused my Goldfinch both inconvenience and gave him something to laugh about.

I had been to visit him a week or so before.  It was the first time I saw the “man-cave” and met his house-mate.  He took me to an art class (I have to write a post about that day) and then we did some shopping before dining in an Iranian / Persian restaurant.  I had made him some naughty gooey chocolate brownies…which we had one or two of before the art class.

Well, when he dropped me at the railway station to catch a train back to London and I jumped on the 20,51 back to Euston…I realized I had the rest of the chocolate brownies with me.  Baking them had been my labour of love for him.  But I Chocshad them and they were on their way back to London.  I certainly could not eat them myself (ONCE ON THE LIPS…FOREVER ON THE HIPS!) so I guess I would have to take them when I met up with friends.

I came back from spending a day with Goldfinch full up on love.  My chocolate brownies had pleased him, and yet I had brought them home…typical!  So I decided I would send a foodie gift to him as a surprise to make up for it.  I would send my Sweet more sweets.  I tried to send a gift box on the Hotel Chocolate website.  However, I kept on having problems with the website.  I tried almost ten times to pay for the box of chocolates but for some reason my tablet kept on crashing.

So I gave up!

cake in jarI started looking at other options.  I was scrolling through websites with ideas for gifts when I came across these babies.  What are they?  Why, they are cake in a sweet little jar.  Hmm…I had never seen those before.  I chose the following….

Cupcake 1 Flavour: Toffee Apple
Cupcake 2 Flavour: Black Forest Gateau
Cupcake 3 Flavour: Carrot Passion
Cupcake 4 Flavour: Chocolate Nutter

I ask you…how could I possibly fail?  For some strange reason I thought I would have the cakes delivered to his work place.

There I was full of joy, skipping my way along with the happiness of giving, and the loveliness of the man who would be eating cake in a jar in front of all of his curious workmates.

Then it came…doubt, self-doubt.  Maybe he would think cake in a jar was odd.  Perhaps he would not like that I had sent it to his offices.

Hmm… what could I do now?  Then it came to me – a flash of brilliance – Goldfinch loves art.  When we were in the art class, he had a very old, bashed up paint set which he said was very cheap to begin with.  That gave me the wonderfugouachel idea that I could buy him a nice paint set as a gift.  Some men like gifts to be practical.  All I had ever given to Goldfinch was edible treats.

So I asked Google about gift paint sets.

I know nothing…truly nothing about paints and art materials – that is our Mandy’s speciality.  I should have checked with her first…but instead I relied on the reviews and the discount and went for a Caran D’ache Gouache Studio Box Set of 15.  It looked good on the screen. Everyone had lovely things to say in their reviews.  I arranged for it to be delivered to his home address in gift wrapping.

Aaaaaah….laa-dee-daa!  Off I went again skipping with a joyful gait.  Happy me, happy him.

Then the doubt thing came back.  The self-doubt thing.  I suddenly thought “What-on-earth is gouache? This nagging doubt was so powerful it moved my feet in the direction of an art shop that was on my way home.


watercolour paints

The art shop assistant seemed to be quite the expert.  She explained that if he likes water–colour then gouache is wrong.  I should not have bought gouache.  Sob sob!

She showed me water-colours.  She explained what pans were.  I had been wondering.  She recommended two particular water-colour makers. Windsor & Newton and she said even better Sennelier.

I went straight back home and I tried to cancel my Gouache order.  I asked Google about the water-colour brands she had told me about.  Now I found two water colour sets.  I liked both of them, however neither were available.  They were OUT OF STOCK.

Both websites gave me the option to “back-order”.  So I did….

A few days later…I was on my lunch break when I noticed Goldfinch had sent me a text message thanking me for the gift and saying he had just eaten the carrot cake one and it was delicious.  I was so pleased.  I asked him what the jars were like.  He replied “Jars?”

Doubts started to niggle at me.  I ignored it.  I just sent back a lovely “I love you” message.

Two days later, he texted me saying, “You didn’t try sending me a package to my work? I have a mysterious package in another office?”  Another office?  I confirmed to Goldfinch that I had.  He asked if it was a puppy in a basket with a limited oxygen supply.  I asked if he was not at work.  He explained that I had sent it to a site owned by the company he works for but on the other side of the city.  He was not going to have time to fetch it that day.  He said I had sent it to a large warehouse full of grafters.  Goldfinch is more of a pen-pusher.

The Hotel Chocolate order I thought had not been successful had gone through afterall. Goldfinch had received chocolates and then a couple of days later the cake in jars.  Only the cake in jars were sent to the wrong side of the city.

Ay ay ay!

Then there were the art sets…again another bamboozled effort to be romantic.

Ugggh!  My order for the gouache set had not been cancelled…apparently, it had already been dispatched, so it was too late to cancel the order.  Then I found an e-mail saying that one of the water-colour sets had also been dispatched.  I immediately cancelled the other back-order.  Goldfinch ended up with two paint sets.  He almost ended up with three!

He wondered what I thought he had done that was special enough to receive four gifts within a few days.  I explained to him that my internet purchases had bamboozled me.

Aaaaaah Goldfinch….Sorry he realized I am barely proficient when it comes to the internet.  Although truth be told, if my purse strings allowed for it, I would be happy to shower him with gifts forever more.  Lovely lovely man.

Lesson Learnt: Don’t try to be romantic…just bake cakes!