What’s In A Name?

I noticed a few other bloggers had published posts in response to the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION CHALLENGE hosted by Richa the creator of iScriblr and that this week’s topic was MELODY.

Well – how could Melody Finch aka Caramel, not join in with this challenge?


Richa seems to leave it pretty open to bloggers as to how they want to deal with the topic.

I wanted to write about names. What is in a name? I was never happy with my name as a child. I mean it did not make me miserable, but I was rather embarrassed by it. I felt my parents had given me a hippy name. I did not want a hippy name. I wanted to be cool! Hippies were not so cool when I was a child.

Well…in most of my books as a child I wrote a little message identifying them as mine.

this book belongs to me

Only rather than put my own name, I put the name I had decided I wanted. Mum thought it was hilarious.

my name is sharon

Not only did I state the book belonged to me (with the name I had decided I wanted to be called “Sharon”), I also added a little message, which I think I may have intended as a warning to anyone who had plans of stealing my books.

i am a powerful girl

There are still scores of my books at my parent’s home with those three little messages scribbled on the first page.

With regards the name of my blog CRUSHED CARAMEL (Mel short for Melody who is very sweet-natured but has been crushed by certain challenges in recent years and has been rebuilding her life since) – the friend who helped me set up my blog, his idea was to call my site UNCHAINED MELODY. Aren’t you glad I chose CRUSHED CARAMEL instead? On that note…

This post was in response to the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION CHALLENGED

on the topic MELODY!