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Ooops – I Did It Again!

Jack is clearly very suspicious of me. He told me that there is a new series of Masterchef – Australian Masterchef – on BBC 3. So I watched some of it….

….after I watched the first episode, Jack texted me to tell me not to look at Wikipedia to find out who won.

Oooops!!! Too late!!!

What he needs to understand is that knowing the end result truly helps me to enjoy the series more. I cannot bear the drama otherwise. It is all too much for me. If I don’t know who wins, I sit there with my stomach gripped with anxiety. If I know who wins. it is so much easier to accept when I see it all play out before my eyes.

I Had No Idea Carrots Could Taste So Good!

I had the lovely privilege of having dinner at a friend’s home the other day. She is such a great cook, and she seems to be embracing the vegetarian diet. She made an incredibly delicious carrot risotto, so packed with flavour.

Bowl, Dish, Meal, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Delicious

This is not her risotto of course, I was too polite to start taking photos of the meal she served us. But I just loved that dish. I will be dreaming about it all weekend.

She said it was from a Waitrose recipe….so I can try to make it myself. Although I don’t know if I will be able to do it justice like she did.


Absurdly Hard To Resist

Over the past few weeks, I have been given or I should say gifted, lots of things that I didn’t want. For most of them, I have found someone or somewhere to pass them on to.

However, somebody decided to gift me with a very impressive looking panettone – which came with a little spreader and a jar of pistachio cream. It will keep until April 2022, and I can tell that Jack thinks I should keep it.

I am trying to avoid sweet things (because of the wedding) but some treats are just so absurdly hard to resist.

Food Induced Writer’s Block

I try to check into WordPress a couple of times a day. Fifteen minutes whilst drinking my morning coffee. Occasionally ten minutes at lunch time. Half an hour or so before I go to bed. I don’t have much more time than that. I prioritize on reading posts from other bloggers. But I do like to keep my own blog site alive and kicking, so I try to write a little post and schedule it to be published.

I have found though that when I think about what to write – all I can think of is food!!! I am blaming the bloggers in my WP Reader. Post after post of delicious foodie blogs – tantalizing photos of scrumptious offerings.

Food, Foodies, Chicken, Chicken Wings

It is hard to think of anything else!!!

Jack Persists With Perfecting Pancakes

I admire Jack – no really – he is determined to learn how to make pancakes that are edible.

It does not matter how many burnt or disintegrated pancakes may have discouraged him, he pressed on with zeal. My own personal favourites are what I have affectionally labelled “lace pancakes”. That cannot be easy to make such pretty pancakes.

For now, he seems to have given up on thin pancakes, and has been concentrating on the thicker American style pancakes. It is always an adventure. Thank goodness for maple syrup.

Pancake, Breakfast, Food, Snack, Chocolate, Chips


I really love learning kitchen skills – cooking, baking, making jams and preserves…oh, just anything really that makes me feel just a little bit more like a domestic diva!

One of my friends gave me some jam a couple of weeks ago, and I expressed my admiration to her. Well….she as very kindly offered to teach me. She said this is the perfect time of year to be jamming!

Plums, Box, Apricots, Fruits, Fruit Box, Fresh, Ripe

I am so looking forward to spending some time with her. My schedule is tight nowadays, but she is going to come over early one morning, before I start a late shift at work. I am so excited!

A Che*sy Treat!

I have been following Bethany’s Vegan Kitchen for quite a long time. I love her blog because she shows budget friendly vegan versions of very popular family food. I have tried her ideas and have always been super pleased.

Jack has also become a fan of Bethany’s ideas and says she knows what families in the UK eat and what vegans want to eat.

But this weekend, Bethany featured something that really temped me in her post below:

Yes, that’s right, once I saw Bethany’s photos of vegan cheeses from Foods By Sumear, I was tempted. Giving into temptation, I went straight to Sumear’s website:


….and ordered a cheesebox. It arrived today via a “knock & run” DHL delivery driver (I give this one brownie points for actually ringing the intercom, normally, they just “drop & go”).

Jack says we should have a vegan cheese and wine night. But I was quite keen on trying some of the recipes on Sumear’s site using his vegan products:


It is all very exciting for me!! I love cheese – but cheese does not love me. I have been vegetarian since I was six years old, and then in my late twenties, I developed a sensitivity to dairy. I had to cut out all milk, cream, yoghurt, ice-cream and cheese for several years. Eventually I was able to reintroduce a little bit of cheese, which is the only form of dairy that I really missed, and I can “get away with” a little cheese every now and then.

But dairy free alternatives to cheese are better for me. I am so looking forward to trying Sumear’s products. I will report back when we have tried them!

Oh, and thanks Bethany!!!

Gorgeous Galaktoboureko!

I made galaktoboureko – yes, it is a real thing – it’s Greek and it’s fabulous! I was hoping to make it before the BAKE OFF, but time escaped me, so I made it afterwards.

Now today has been a long day. Work was tough. So I don’t have the energy to prepare a proper post sharing the recipe etc. But here is a photo of the results. Along with the galaktoboureko I made an orange syrup, which was extremely yummy!

There’s Still Time!!

There is just one week to go until THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!!! Yes…time is running out…but we would love to include you in the BAKE OFF next weekend!!!

Please send your baking photos to:


Click any of the posts below to read more about this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF:

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Bake From The Heart


It’s All Gary’s Idea

Sensational Scones On WordPress!

It is that time of the year again…the time we have all been waiting for…yes, that is right – TANDY SINCLAIR IS HOSTING INTERNATIONAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!!!!!!

Yes…yes…it is very exciting – and I am doubly, no maybe triply excited – because Jack is coming over tonight (I have not seen him for around six weeks!!) and I am going to make some scones following a recipe that I am going to adapt into a vegetarian version.

Sorry…I cannot tell you any more than that right now…I don’t want any of you to pinch my idea. I don’t have many ideas you know! But I am sure you will have plenty of ideas of your own. Whether you love the classic scones, or prefer a spicy or fruit twist, or maybe even a boozy version of the incredibly popular scone – I am sure that Tandy would love to have you join in the fun!

So pull out the flour and butter. Pre-heat your ovens. Put on your pinny and roll up your sleeves – it is time to drum up some sensational scones for INTERNATIOAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!