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Just Keep Running!

Do you ever feel as if you are running and running and running – but not getting anywhere? That old hamster wheel or treadmill feeling – the old going through the motions sensation.

I find the whole system under current governments rather like that. We work and work and work, we run and run and run…and do things stay the same? It seems that actually things get worse, not better.

It’s a kind of rubbish hamster wheel/treadmill really.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I am quite good at keeping myself motivated end enduring this yucky system. I am enduring because I see the end. I see that it will not last, and the end will come.

The ideas I am hearing in the news espoused by leading political figures make me feel sick to the heart. I obey the laws they make, I pay my taxes, but I will be very relieved when corrupt, callous and cruel figures of authority are redundant. When haughty, horrible and horrid attitudes are buried.

This running….this constant running….I do see why it is important…

 “If you get tired running with footmen,How can you run a race against horses?”

Jer 12:5

The race to the finish line is in progress…endurance is vital!!!

More Of A Purpose Than A Plan

I found a post in my drafts folder that I started last August and didn’t finish. I remember loving the question. In fact I love it so much that it has given me ideas for a series of posts to develop the subject of PURPOSE. Especially my purpose in life! When things suddenly threaten our lifestyle, our happiness (like bereavement, economic uncertainty, Pandemics!) what will help us not to give up?


Have you ever set off on a journey and then a few minutes after starting out found that the route you selected was closed?

It used to happen to us when we were children. Dad would be driving us on a family holiday. Half an hour onto the motorway, and all of the traffic would come to a standstill. Now my Dad could not bear to be stuck in traffic! So whenever he had the first opportunity he would turn off the motorway.

Did that mean that we were going to give up? Were we going to abandon our family holiday because our planned route had failed? Not on your nelly!

Instead Dad would ask us to shout directions, using the road atlas, with roads that would take us in the same general direction but avoiding the motorway. The destination had not changed, but our route certainly had! Nothing was going to stop us from reaching our destination! We would find a way to get there no matter what cropped up along the way!

There have been moments in my life when the course I was on abruptly changed. At those times, I had to fight discouragement. I have often thought about those occasions when it comes to my life-course. I am not sure that I ever had a definite plan to begin with. But I did have a purpose. I had a destination in mind, a direction to head towards.

I realized that it is not really possible to be tied to a set plan when it comes to living your life. Rather, you have to be prepared for pretty much anything. All sorts of challenges, obstacles may appear. How determined are you to stick to your destination, your purpose?

All manner of obstacles and challenges can occur at any point along the way. Plans fail! However, if you still have your end destination in view then you will find another way to get there.

So I personally would not recommend having a rigid detailed plan that is likely to fail. But having a purpose is a very fine thing.

Even when things go wrong, you find a way round. Nothing can permanently shake you. Not being bullied, not being attacked, not having head injuries, not being parted from the man you love. Nothing will deter you from finding another route and making your way head held high towards a very wonderful destination.

A purpose, a sense of purpose can be a source of motivation, inspiration and strength. It can help you endure all manner of challenges and to grow in ways you may never have expected.

I can’t imagine living life without a purpose. Having a purpose has shaped me. It has helped me to make decisions in life – will this help me to get where I am going or will this slow me down? Have I taken a wrong turn somewhere? Do I need to find my bearings and adjust the direction I which I am heading?

My purpose has kept me living! Absolutely confident that no matter what challenges come along, no matter how many plans go wrong, there will be other ways to get there – we are going to reach that wonderful destination!


Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and think to yourself….


Butterfly, Nature, Animal, Flower

Some days I feel fragile. Perhaps you do too.

We are fragile at times. But at other times, our inner strength can be remarkable. It’s often when we are doing what we know is right.

I know there are times I feel ever so fragile. Sometimes I amaze myself at the inner strength that comes from a mysterious source. But it tells me that although I am sometimes intimidated by the storm clouds building, although I sometimes want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until the end of this system is over, I need to keep going. Soon…the storm will have passed and this earth and it’s creatures can breathe a sigh of relief.