Now Is Not The Time

…a time to weep, and a time to laugh;

a time to mourn, and a time to dance…

Be careful what you say to me please

I don’t think I can withstand something brutal

insensitiveCheer up chuck!

Pull yourself together

Look on the bright side

I really don’t think I can cope with another word


I will tell you if you care to listen to me

When tragedy strikes it is alright to feel the pain

crying.jpgIt’s alright to cry

It’s alright to weep

It’s alright to mourn

I am not going to stop myself from grieving


I know it will not last forever and a day

I will be back at the party when I feel good and ready

laughing.jpgI will rejoice

I will laugh

I will dance

But while my heart is crushed – now is not the time



This post is in response to the POETICS CHALLENGE from Lillian hosted by dVerse. Take a look at the instructions in the post below:

Turn, Turn, Turn . . .