Burning Off Calories

pt.pngOh the mayhem that is our family hanging out during the winter bank holidays! So much fun! Games, epic hide and seek, karaoke and dancing. A lot of dancing. The little kids in our family absolutely love dancing.

A lamp was broken, but other than that, no casualties. A great time had by all. Nobody allowed to stay on the sofa. After all the yummy soup, lasagne and garlic bread, chilli and rice, cheesecake and trifle (yes that’s what we have been eating all week!) we made sure we burnt off the calories.

We kind of do things our own way. So much fun!!!

I Was Really Going For It

strictly.jpgMy head is in a bit of a whirl. I can’t wait to sleep tonight because at the moment thoughts and feelings are all on full volume…and it is exhausting!

I mentioned in my last post receiving a phone-call. The person who called…reminded me of something I rarely think about. The caller said they had been watching a video of me on stage when I was a contestant in a Bollywood version of Strictly Come Dancing. It was a charity thing I was involved in a few years ago.

TOWIE cast film for a Diwali episodeOh my…sometimes I hate videos and cameras! I remember what everyone said, “you were really going for it!” I was really going for it ok. And that’s exactly what everyone said! There were weeks and weeks of intense rehearsals. But I had to miss a lot because I was working with terminally ill patients and patients with dementia. WhiIe was at work all of the patients wanted to see me practice my dance routines in front of them.

But it meant I wasn’t up to speed with the rest of the contestants for a big dance we were doing with all of us performing synchronised, So I was able to receive some extra help. The choreographer came round to my flat and patiently trained me, my flat mate Marta joined in! We talked about it and it was agreed that I could dance near the back since I had missed so many rehearsals.

Anyway…the day of the live finale came. We had been practicing all afternoon and they decided to put me right at the front in the middle. I was mortified. But, it was all for charity. So I gave it all I’d got! The videos caught everything!

I’ll Try To Be Back Before Tomorrow

night out.pngAll dressed up with a place to go!!! If you see a caramel blonde wearing an electric blue dress strutting her stuff on the dance floor, give me a shout and offer to buy me a drink hey!!

Caramel and company are club crawling in London. I am the sensible one. The one who makes sure we move on to another location when it feels right. The one who drinks lemonade, because after what happened to me four years ago, I don’t trust what is going on around me. I am just out to have a few laughs with friends and to have a dance (we’ll see about karaoke! 😉 )

It’s Saturday…it’s not a school night…so why not hey! Life in London for a lush lass. I can’t imagine I’ll be catching up on WordPress tonight, so I will try again tomorrow.

I Am Ready For Dancing, But Nothing Else

Should I go to a party on Saturday with a male friend who has been single for about a year?

dateHis girlfriend moved to Canada when she had an exciting job opportunity. As far as he says, they were happy together and will always be friends. But he says they do not have plans to continue their relationship in the future, she is dating other men over there. I think he volunteered all this when I was talking to him and some other friends when I went out for drinks last week.

He texted me a couple of times that night and basically said he thought that he and I have a lot in common (because my Goldfinch has moved to Australia). He said any time I want to talk I could call him.

It is unlikely I will know anyone else at the party, so I will be a bit tied to him perhaps. Although I am not at all shy, even with new people. The thing is, it really is too soon for me to go out on anything that would be regarded as a “date”. Way too soon!

How would he take it if I admit that I don’t want to develop a close friendship with another man yet? However, I would love, absolutely love to go to a party and have a dance! Will he be alright with that?

It would be nice to put on a frock, and go out for a dance. I don’t want to offload about missing Goldfinch to him (hey I have all of you for that!!!) and I don’t want to give him any impression that I am ready to think of someone else so very soon after losing my beloved.

I have told Goldfinch already by the way. I don’t want him to be left out of my decisions over when it is time to go out with another man. I miss Goldfinch so much. I keep imagining him wrapping his arms around me and holding me close while I sleep. He loved to sleep holding me tightly. At first I found it a tiny bit claustrophobic. But I came to love it. Sometimes I wake up in a panic – where is he?

But I would love to go out dancing!

Could Someone Please Tell Me How On Earth To Say Goodbye To The Man You Are Head Over Heels In Love With?

How do you feel about the following word: FLASHMOB???

If you are not sure what that means – and please be assured it is not remotely rude – there are videos below which will explain it all! I have seen scores of such videos, but if you have never seen one before, prepare to be enthralled!

It’s essentially about surprising people by breaking out into a carefully planned and choreographed routine of singing or dancing. Or on other occasions it is a a team of classical musicians who deliver an incredible show for the public. But the most memorable flashmobs have taken place at very busy transport stations – airport terminals, major train stations, public shopping areas.

Love it or hate it – I have been part of a flashmob myself and I think it is absolutely amazing! A friend of mine Darren, was travelling back to Africa, after losing his beloved wife to cancer.

The entire infirmary team and special invited guests gathered for a goodbye for Darren. We had been practising a flashmob routine of the song “In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle“. It went perfectly. We were so impressive, we were asked to do it again at a large event a few weeks later.

We have done a “Sound Of Music” flashmob too! And a Bollywood flashmob. Honestly, they are so much fun!

I did think about surprising Goldfinch with a flashmob at Heathrow airport! Yes, seriously. Some of my friends thought it was a great idea and I have plenty of contacts who I am sure would help me out.

However, I have had so little time with Goldfinch this past month, that I don’t want anyone else to intrude on my time with him. In addition, there is the possibility that Goldfinch might have hated it!

I just want to be on my own with him and be able to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and hold his hand tightly right up to the moment I am forced to let go.

I want to dance with him at London Marylebone station when he arrives and I want to dance at Heathrow with him. I don’t need a team of dancers with me. I just want to hold him close and somehow communicate how wonderful he is and how happy he has made me.

Oh dearie! Goodbyes are so hard!

I think I need to watch these flashmob videos myself to cheer myself up:

So hopefully. the video above gave you an idea. However, if you are still not convinced, take a look at how the Belgians approach flashmob. The two videos below are amongst my favourite flashmob scenes.

I don’t know what the Belgians put in their tea, but they seem to be the leaders in flashmobism.



Normally I Can’t Bear To Look

I had such a wonderful time with my sisters yesterday and I am looking forward to today just as much. Our time together will be over in a flash I am sure, and soon I will be longing to see them again.

Baker by Ted Baker - 'Girls' navy floral print dressI saw this dress and thought I would love to wear it myself…but it is only available in munchkin sizes. So I bought one in 18-24 months for my gorgeous niece.

Oh I do like spoiling them all.  I bought gifts for Mandy and Milly too. All sorts of goodies…chockies and a jar of this and a bottle of that.  I also bought Milly a new food processor as she was quite envious of mine last time she visited.  Aaaaah…so lovely to have the girlies with me for the weekend.

It is pouring down…so we are having indoor fun. Which is fine…lots of very nice things to do indoors.  All we want to do is chatter anyway!

Yesterday, they were telling me lots of news from my friends up north.  I have missed lots of weddings because it is just not possible to travel up north every other week.  They were telling me about two very very funny friends of ours who were married recently, both of the girls went along to the wedding and they had lots of photos and some videos which I loved seeing.

They had chosen to dedicate at least one evening each week for months to taking dance lessons so that they could wow everyone with their first dance at their wedding reception. Normally I can’t bear to look when a newly married couple stand up for their first dance. It can be so awkward…everyone watching.  I always look the other way so I don’t start giggling!

And they certainly did wow everyone!  I am not going to post a video of their first dance of course – I am sure they would not be happy about that…but to give you a little idea of their dance…

Oh my, I really do wish I had made it to that wedding!



FOWC with Fandango — Bottle